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Masterclass: Chilled Water Systems and Fan Coils Part 72

WATER is a cheap, readily available, environmentally friendly fluid. A chilled water distribution network is easily designed and there is no limit on the pipe run length or rise. Total life costs are affected by any changes to the system after installation. With higher churn rates compared to a few years ago, many organisations require a high-level flexibility in their buildings to adapt to changes of layout and staffing levels. 
 25 Jun 2012

Masterclass: Noise and acoustics Part 71

This month we look at the question of noise and acoustics and their relationship with the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.... 
 6 Dec 2011
Mike Creamer.

Masterclass: VRF Systems Part 70

Inverter technology was pioneered by Daikin in the late 1980s to combat the increasing cost of electricity and the growing concern for energy consumption and its effect on the environment.... 
 5 Dec 2011
A VRF cassette.

Masterclass: VRF Systems Part 69

In last month's article we looked at site situations along with problems that may arise. This month we continue our review of manufacturers' product ranges with particular emphasis on variable refrigerant flow systems, looking at both Mitsubishi ... 
 3 Nov 2011
Mike Creamer.

Masterclass: VRF Systems Part 68

In this month's issue we look at some of the site situations and problems that may arise during the lifetime operations of VRF systems and how they can be dealt with.... 
 3 Nov 2011
Mike Creamer.

Masterclass: VRF Systems Part 67

An interface is generally regarded as the electronic hardware, which completes the information exchange between two protocols. In most instances this can be a simple, single box but it can become more complicated, depending on the compatibility of ... 
 3 Nov 2011
Mike Creamer.

Masterclass: VRF Systems Part 66

VRF technology is now well established as a cost effective means of providing cooling and heating to commercial buildings. The market for VRF systems in the UK is approximately 8,000 outdoor units.... 
 3 Nov 2011
Mike Creamer.

Masterclass: VRF Systems Part 65

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is at the forefront of VRF development and manufacturing, being one of the largest Japanese manufacturers, producing in excess of 10,000 VRF systems per year.... 
 3 Nov 2011
Mike Creamer.

Masterclass: Gas Heat Pump Technology Part 64

The gas heat pump (GHP) alternative to VRF technology is becoming increasingly attractive in the face of climatic change and the knock-on effect this has on the electricity consumption and electricity contract prices. The impact that last summer's ... 
 16 May 2011
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Refrigeration & A/C Equipment Sales Engineer – South East

Thermofrost Cryo is one of the UK’s leading distributors of refrigeration and air conditioning products, selling across the whole of the UK, with offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester....


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