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J & E Hall’s beer cooler can cut energy bills by up to 51%J & E Hall’s beer cooler can cut energy bills by up to 51%
J & E Hall’s ambient beer cooler can cut energy bills for cellar cooling by up to 51%. The unit uses free cooling to allow beers to be stored at a perfect temperature during the winter months. When the outside temperature is low enough, the fan-operated cooler brings cold air into a beer cellar to reduce the temperature and will switch off the main refrigeration cellar cooler system while it draws cold air from outside – cutting energy bills and saving money.

Natural Refrigerant Hydrocarbon ChillersNatural Refrigerant Hydrocarbon Chillers
SRS-Frigadon has been manufacturing hydrocarbon chillers for over 17 years. With F-Gas regulations setting out the phase down/phase out of high GWP refrigerant gasses, natural refrigerants provide the 'future-proof' alternative.

Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008
F&R Products Ltd announce their ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

TITAN 4-Valve Manifold with No Sight GlassTITAN 4-Valve Manifold with No Sight Glass
The YELLOW JACKET® TITAN 49972 was designed for high pressure jobs with 800 psi on both high and low sides. No sight glass for added safety.

Testo's Brand New App and Bluetooth capabilitiesTesto's Brand New App and Bluetooth capabilities
Now with the option of Bluetooth, users can connect to our Brand New free Testo Refrigeration App, which is exclusively available to Testo customers. The App integration via Bluetooth for the testo 550 is perhaps the biggest strength of the new manifolds. It gives users new possibilities for working faster, more comfortably, and therefore more efficiently. Using the App measurement data can be read directly on a Smartphone or tablet, and measurement reports can be finalised and sent directly on site. The list of stored refrigerants can also be easily updated via the App.

LG Electronics (LG) has announced the release of its latest variable refrigerant flow (VRF) solution, the Multi V S. Designed specifically for small- to medium-sized spaces, the compact, lightweight model offers effective heating and cooling as well as considerable installation flexibility. Multi V S neatly fits the gap between Multi Split systems and large VRF systems.

The industrial range of PIR panels provides great flexibility of use by offering a wide variety of options. These panels are available in various thicknesses from 50mm to 200mm and can be supplied with a flat or slightly profiled finish. Standard RAL colours can be used to match external cladding requirements.

Automatic oil return becomes easierAutomatic oil return becomes easier
Titan Engineering Ltd has launched the latest Witt barrel dosing pump, BDP2, which, managing director, Don Belcher, says has many advantages for automatic oil return in refrigerant systems.

ThermoBarScan  offers instant feedback on temperature measurementsThermoBarScan offers instant feedback on temperature measurements
UK thermometer manufacturer, TME, has launched a new barcode scanning logging thermometer, the MM7100 ThermoBarScan, which it says represents the next generation in handheld temperature measurement.

Take a look at the NEW Matercool 55800 Leak Detector! The 55800 leak detector employs a new metal oxide gas sensor for the detection of chlorofluorocarbon gasses and blends. This tin oxide sensor is characterized by high sensitivity and a fast response, upon detecting the presence of extremely small levels of chlorofluorocarbon gases. Integrated into the design is a powerful microprocessor that automatically selects the best operating conditions for the sensor, to ensure optimum performance. The optimum sensor performance is maintained and monitored throughout the life of the sensor. Meets and exceeds J2791 (R134a) and J2913 (R1234yf). INTRODUCTION PRICE £149

208 in 1 Universal A/c Remote Control208 in 1 Universal A/c Remote Control
A remote control for almost every system you are likely to work on. With over 200 different units including most leading brands. Ideal for carrying on the service van or for those customers who have broken or lost the original. Auto search mode makes it easier to use unknown brands. Gives access to all standard features for heat pump and cooling only systems

McQuay adds AHU heat recovery units
McQuay UK has announced the addition of a new money-saving range of AHU heat recovery units to their product portfolio which could help end users recover and recycle up to 90 per cent of the heat used to warm their premises which would otherwise be wasted.

Sentinel and Flamco solve corrosion and pressure loss in sealed heating/chilled systemsSentinel and Flamco solve corrosion and pressure loss in sealed heating/chilled systems
Sentinel Commercial and Flamco have joined forces to develop a new dosing and top-up pressurisation unit – the PressDS – that is purpose-designed to maintain the minimum water pressure of sealed heating and chilled systems while simultaneously adding Sentinel Commercial’s market leading inhibitor products in the appropriate concentration.

ELCO launches MCS-accredited air source heat pumpELCO launches MCS-accredited air source heat pump
ELCO UK has launched the energy efficient AEROPUR air source heat pump (ASHP) offering excellent COPs of up to 4.3. It is accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and available in four outputs – 6kW, 8kW, 12kW and 15kW – while its reversible capabilities enable it to provide both heating and cooling.

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