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Latest Product News

Errecom’s refrigeration lubricants: chemical excellence since 2001

Experience and quality are the principles which have guided Errecom over the years, as manufacturers committed to excellence in chemical solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  23-Jun-2017

Win a Testo Smart Probes refrigeration set

This summer is going to be perfect! Because with Testo, refrigeration engineers now have the right tools for every job on refrigeration systems and heat pumps.  19-Jun-2017

Cool-Shot by Errecom: A new life to the air conditioning and refrigeration system

Errecom has designed a product to fight and solve the problem of oil fouling within air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  19-Jun-2017

J & E Hall Fusion system installed by ice cream supplier

A J & E Hall Fusion Commercial Condensing Unit is a key component in a new cooling system at a flourishing Italian ice cream manufacturing business.  14-Jun-2017

New larger tablet: Gel-clear extends lifespan

Gel-clear has announced the launch of its new extended life tablet.  14-Jun-2017

New Armafix pipe support from Armacell: now with eco-friendly, light-weight PET core

The Armafix pipe support range now offers specifiers and installers better load capacity due to a new 100% recycled PET honeycomb core structure.  12-Jun-2017

Extreme White: ERRECOM’S specific leak stop for refrigeration systems working with R600 and R920

EXTREME WHITE is a specific solution produced in ERRECOM labs in order to repair refrigerant leaks in systems working with R600 and R290, by guaranteeing a complete, permanent and elastic endurance of the system.  12-Jun-2017

Errecom focuses on condenser cleaners: a wide range of products for every need

Last week Errecom focused on the issue of A/C indoor units cleaning, offering a number of highly performing solutions and safe at the same time. This week Errecom deals with the condenser cleaning process.  1-Jun-2017

Deep Spring cleaning for air conditioning systems

Summer is approaching and so is the need to restore air conditioning systems to their most effective. Errecom has designed a complete range of cleaners that operate both on internal and external units. Whether for domestic or industrial use, each ...  30-May-2017

ERRECOM launches high performance solution

Corrosion, a non welded joint and poor installation are amongst a range of problems that can often cause gas and its lubricants to leak in air conditioning and refrigerant systems.  22-May-2017