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Latest Product News

Nitrile rubber materials awarded Green Guide ‘A’ rating

The BRE (Building Research Establishment) has added a category for pipe insulation materials to their Green Guide to Specification, with nitrile rubber insulation products such as Armaflex flexible elastomeric foams (FEFs), receiving an A rating.  25-Apr-2017

J & E Hall helps cut energy costs with beer cooler

A J & E Hall ambient beer cooler is helping a traditional Cotswold village pub to cut its running costs in a green and clean way.  19-Apr-2017

OEMs and Danfoss engineer the future of refrigeration and air conditioning in global Application Development Centers

With the opening of a brand new Application Development Center in Tallahassee, Florida, Danfoss cements its position as a technological pioneer within refrigeration and air conditioning. Globally, Danfoss now has four Cooling Application Development ...  11-Apr-2017

Easter madness promotion at Pump House

Pump House has launched an Easter promotion.  6-Apr-2017

New exposed terminal air conditioning system

Why hide the services when they can be showcased in a striking artistic manner by removing the false celling?  3-Apr-2017

Huayi Compressor Barcelona launches new B and S R290 Cubigel compressors

As propane (R290) is being gradually introduced in commercial appliances as a replacement for CFC, H-CFC and HFC refrigerants which have a high impact on the environment, R290 has no direct contribution to global warming (GWP = 3) and null Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP = 0).   3-Apr-2017

Cable & Wireless: new HVAC technology responsible for over 88% of total efficiency gains

In late 2014, and though to the middle of 2015, Cable and Wireless (BTC Bahamas) undertook a significant energy saving initiative investment with the aim of reducing total building energy consumption.  30-Mar-2017

Comic Relief: Pump House turned red!

Supporting Comic Relief staff from Pump House turned up to work wearing red tutu skirts, red tops, red ties and socks.  27-Mar-2017

DiversiTech acquires Rapid Positioning Clips Ltd

DiversiTech Corp, a leading manufacturer and supplier of HVACR parts and accessories, has acquired Rapid Positioning Clips Ltd (RPC), a UK-based maker of high-quality clipping products that quickly and easily fit with a variety of channels to seal pipework, electrical wires and cables.  27-Mar-2017

Introducing the new and improved Pump House GRIP~FIT Clamps

Pump House is launching a new and improved product into the market: GRIP~FIT Clamps.  20-Mar-2017