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Daikin Applied launches remote monitoring solution

Daikin Applied (UK) (DAPUK) and its service division Daikin Applied Service (DAPS UK) has launched the Daikin on Site remote monitoring systems for its Modular AHU range and its chiller portfolio.

Daikin Applied (UK) (DAPUK) and its service division Daikin Applied Service (DAPS UK) has launched the Daikin on Site remote monitoring systems for its Modular AHU range and its chiller portfolio.

Developed by the company’s applied chiller engineering design team, working closely with its service division, Daikin on Site provides a browser-based real-time view of a site’s chiller operation. In-field service engineers have been able to work with on-site facilities management teams to ensure that the  design and delivery matches all client requirements and that the cloud based IoT solution is easy to setup and has the flexibility required to meet the widest range of customer demands.

All DAPUK chillers now leave the product facility with Daikin on Site software embedded into the unit controller, which is ready to be enabled by the firm’s service team. The client only has to connect a LAN or 3G/4G modem solution to enable the web data transfer and Daikin on Site is active and ready to use. It also allows integration of chiller plant room systems on the new cloud-based platform.

The data transfer itself is fully secure via event based outbound communication and connections that are encrypted over HTTPS to prevent wiretapping or man in the middle attacks without the need for a VPN connection. The data privacy provided conforms to EU data privacy Chapter 5 and this solution provides total data privacy and storage security ensuring customer trust at all times.

The benefits of Daikin on Site extend beyond simple access to the web based real-time information available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Users can also create user-friendly personalised dashboards so that the customer only sees what is really important to their installation and the system becomes second nature, helping to run a streamlined and efficient chiller installation on-site.

Historical working condition data and alarm history is available for the whole life cycle of the chiller operation at a single click and automated reporting setup is possible to provide tailored reporting. The web platform allows users to set up their own site profiles and they can view their own installations anywhere.

Daikin on Site allows remote monitoring and operation of the chiller equipment both in real time and based on historical trends. This can include energy usage via an energy meter but also includes all operating parameters of the compressor, fans, refrigeration circuits and thermal load. This information allows DAPS UK to build up an operational view of the equipment, which leads to tailored maintenance to customer specific needs and over time builds up a real picture of the unit’s operation including load profile and energy use.

Other benefits of the remote monitoring and operation include energy efficiency savings; remote assistance; an alarm facility, through which any alarms generated by the unit are emailed to the helpdesk 24/7, with a seamless response leading to shorter times to resolve the issue; breakdown assistance, through which fault diagnostics can begin before an engineer arrives on site, making sure that the right parts are brought to site and the equipment can be up and running with minimum disruption; and life expectancy – interaction with the client and adjustment of the chiller configuration together with the smarter service solution will increase the life of the chiller. 

The installation profile monitoring information can additionally give rise to energy saving proposals such as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for compressors, condenser fan upgrades or improved controls, which will save energy costs along with a payback period based on real life data.

Daikin Applied Service national service manager Barry Coe said: “Daikin on Site is the most exciting new development in the chiller servicing industry in the last 25 years. It will enable us as a service provider, to give our customers even faster reaction times, real time advice on improving the system efficiency and prevent issues before they occur.” 






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