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An electrode boiler.
 12 Aug 2010

Masterclass: Humidification Part 56

THE Isothermal process can be split into atmospheric and pressurised steam-raising plant. Atmospheric is the most common. These generate what is considered as wet steam in so far as it is akin to the domestic kettle.... 
Mike Creamer, author of Masterclass.
 15 Jul 2010

Masterclass: Humidification Part 55

Most people understand that materials expand and contract with a rise and fall in temperature but many do not understand that with hygroscopic materials there is a greater rate of expansion and contraction with a rise and fall in humidification ... 
Masterclass author Mike Creamer.
 1 Jun 2010

Masterclass: Dehumidification Part 54

In last month's article we concluded the series on chemical dehumidification. In this month's journal we begin a series of articles looking at all aspects of humidification.... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 May 2010

Masterclass: Dehumidification: Part 53

Mike Creamer of Business Edge revisits his Masterclass series of articles, updating and adding to the information covering both air conditioning and refrigeration. This on-going source of technical reference is for experienced personnel and also provides a solid educational grounding for newcomers to the industry. 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Apr 2010

Masterclass: Dehumidification Part 52

IN THIS month's article we look at the use of dehumidification for the protection of raw materials, finished goods and building structures. This type of application is generally described as the preservation market.... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Mar 2010

Masterclass: Dehumidification: Part 51

Chemical dehumidification, ie desiccant dehumidifiers, are quite different from cooling-based dehumidifiers.... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Feb 2010

Masterclass: Dehumidification Part 50

GLOBAL warming is perhaps the most common and well publicised topic currently under discussion by politicians, scientists and environmentalists throughout the world.... 
Mike Creamer
 1 Jan 2010

Masterclass: Part 49 Reverse cycle water source heat pumps

LAST month we started to look at the reverse cycle water source heat pump and how the unitary equipment operated. This month we will be looking closer at the system as a whole.... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Dec 2009

Masterclass: Part 48 : Reverse cycle water source heat pumps

THE reverse cycle water source heat pump system provides an energy efficient, environmentally friendly system. 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Nov 2009

Masterclass: Part 47: Free cooling and close control

THIS section deals with free cooling equipment specifically designed for next-generation switch-room applications, which are tolerant of wider variations in temperature and humidity than other applications. This type of cooling provides a cost ... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Oct 2009

Masterclass: Part 46 Free cooling close control

IN DAYS gone by when computers were the size of houses there was a very definite need for precise air conditioning systems.... 
Precise temperature and humidity control.
 1 Sep 2009

Masterclass: Close control air-conditioning Part 45

PROCESS control computers are used in many industries where the prevailing environment is hostile - papermaking, pharmaceuticals, steel, oil etc. The air conditioning equipment must operate reliably in these circumstances and special packaged plant ... 
Mike Creamer.
 27 Aug 2009

Masterclass: Close control air-conditioning Part 44

In this month's article we complete our series on close control by looking at its use in industrial and medical applications.... 
Twelve Mitsubishi City Multi PFD-P500VM-E downflow systems provide an additional 600kW cooling capacity in the data centre of Internet Facilitators Ltd (IFL)
 1 Jul 2009

Masterclass: Close control air conditioning Part 43

IN SOME ways, the term 'close control air conditioning' is a misnomer. Whilst there certainly are applications where precise control of temperature and humidity as well as high standards of air filtration are necessary, many applications involve ... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Jun 2009

Masterclass: Liquid pressure amplification - Part 42

This month Masterclass takes a look at a product that demands a fresh perspective on the basic direct expansion refrigeration cycle – the liquid pressure amplifier.... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 May 2009

Masterclass: Chilled ceilings and beams - Part 41

STATIC cooling devices are a commonly used method of providing mechanical cooling to occupied spaces. The static cooling device is a viable alternative to active cooling devices such as fan coil units. 
 1 Apr 2009

Masterclass: Fan Coil Selection - Part 40

DUE to design and size restrictions, fan coils can very often end up as a compromise and can only meet consultant/contractor requirements within a band of reasonable tolerances and base requirements.... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Mar 2009

Masterclass: Fan Coil Units Part 39

IN LAST month’s article we looked at the need to specify various elements of a fan coil unit based system together with the precautions and considerations the specifier, contractor or manufacturer must bear in mind if a successful installation is to ... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Feb 2009

Masterclass: Fan coil Units Part 38

In last month's article we covered fan coil units in more detail following our simple introduction. We now continue with this subject with the intention of providing more information on this important approach to air conditioning. In this article we ... 
Mike Creamer.
 1 Jan 2009

Masterclass: Fan Coil Units - Part 37

Mike Creamer of Business Edge in the previous Masterclass article, described the various types of fan coil units (FCUs) in terms of being fitted with either direct expansion (DX) evaporators or chilled water coils.... 
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