Logic will get you from A to B, TX-W will take you everywhere

Climaveneta has improved the technical features of its oil-free centrifugal range and says it has conceived a new water-cooled chiller featuring unbeatable performances, customised design and the widest operating range.

Climaveneta has improved the technical features of its oil-free centrifugal range and says it has conceived a new water-cooled chiller featuring unbeatable performances, customised design and the widest operating range.

Drawing on over 10 years of experience in providing units with oil-free centrifugal compressors, Climaveneta, a Mitsubishi Group company, has launched TX-W - a new water-cooled chiller range that combines the top level performance of magnetic levitation technology with an extremely configurable approach, brilliant full load and seasonal efficiencies, and cooling capacities of up to 4.2MW.

Designed to overcome the limits of traditional design, TX-W matches a distinctive new look with an extremely versatile configuration. The unit can host from 1 to 6 centrifugal oil-free compressors plus 6 new couples of heat exchangers which can be flexibly deployed either with a horizontal or diagonal layout, according to the most diverse requirements of the HVAC plant in terms of space availability. The result is a complete range of 63 possible combinations that provide the customer with even greater freedom of choice, both for low condensing temperature applications and in systems working with dry-coolers at higher temperatures. Leaving water temperature up to 20°C makes TX-W an ideal solution also for mission-critical applications and industrial processes.

Besides the well-known partial load and full load efficiencies granted by the oil-free compressor technology, Climaveneta adopts avant-garde improvements aimed at enhancing the unit’s performance. The innovative heat exchangers have been specifically thought out to ensure the lowest approach between the refrigerant phase changing and the water. A well-engineered design that favours cooling capacity and a reduction of the compression work, with great advantages to the overall efficiency of the compressors.

The heart of the new chiller is the CX4 controller, featuring an exclusive hardware and software that dynamically master all the main components (compressors, valves, etc) and make them work at their best. In multiple compressor units, CX4 employs the exclusive ‘jumping staging’ logic which always enables, during partialisation, the most efficient combination of compressors.

Access to the main variables of CX4 comes either with a highly personalised touch screen interface, whose graphics have been created to fit TX-W, or through KIPlink, the latest Climaveneta innovation developed to allow direct access to the unit configuration from any mobile device.

The complete TX-W line is now available with cooling capacities ranging from 246 kW to 4.2 MW, with full load efficiencies exceeding 6,5 (EER gross) and seasonal efficiencies greater than 10,2 (ESEER gross). The unit is also available with the new low Global Warming Potential (GWP) HFO R1234ze refrigerant, thus complying with the strictest environmental targets imposed by the current legislation. All the units can be selected through ELCA STUDIO a dedicated selection software targeting the results according to the cooling capacity requested.

And to further widen the already vast offerings, TX-W can be configured with the most qualifying accessories. One can choose among the acoustic enclosures with two levels of power noise attenuation, the double-threshold gas detector to signal the presence of refrigerant in a closed environment or the fast restart device to ensure rapid restoration of cooling capacity after an interruption in power supply (black out).


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