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Climalife introduces new products to Chillventa visitors

The Frionett range of cleaning products from Climalife has long been popular in the market for the professional cleaning of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Following comprehensive research and the testing of various other cleaning products in the market, technicians in the Climalife laboratories have created a new and improved formula Frionett cleaner called Frionett Power Ultra.

Frionett Power Ultra is an alkaline, non-corrosive product for the external cleaning of condensers, evaporators, fans, finned coils and more. Its strong wetting ability can dissolve and absorb dirt simply and quickly. It has a pleasant fragrance and is non-corrosive. Using Frionett Power Ultra to clean will not only help to optimise the heat transfer, but will also help to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, and ultimately extend the life of the plant.

There are two versions of the product: Frionett Power Ultra, a concentrated product that must be diluted and Frionett Power Ultra RTU, a ready to use product. 

For its expertise and distribution network, Climalife has been appointed distributor of Honeywell’s new Solstice yf (R-1234yf) refrigerant. It will distribute Solstice yf refrigerant in 5kg or 11kg cylinders through its international network. The refrigerant is available from stock for immediate dispatch.

Climalife is also inviting Chillventa visitors to discover its dedicated CO2 oil on its stand. More and more industrial and commercial installations in Europe are using carbon dioxide (CO2, R-744). However, in terms of implementation and maintenance, R-744 presents a number of technological challenges and does not suit all applications. These issues include lubrication of CO2 compressors, which is a sizeable challenge.

In order to meet these needs, the new Mobil SHC Gargoyle 80 POE oil has been specifically formulated from polyolesters (POE). This innovative oil offers exceptional lubricating power, wear protection and chemical and thermal stability. Its miscibility with CO2 refrigerant and the viscosity/temperature/pressure ratios ensure an adequate thickness of film, even at high operating pressures and temperatures, as can be seen in piston compressors that use this refrigerant.

With a naturally stable viscosity index, high shear strength and fluidity at low temperatures, this oil offers additional benefits in intensive usage conditions, including fewer leaks from the shaft seal and potential for improved evaporator efficiency.

Technological changes and the challenges of F-Gas II have promoted the development of new solutions for climate control, air conditioning and refrigeration. In recent years, CO2 has particularly made its mark in commercial refrigeration systems.

With the constant aim of recommending the best possible solution, Climalife now offers new, more lightweight packaging for CO2. The high-pressure of R-744 requires high-pressure packaging, which is traditionally heavy and difficult to handle. To assist professionals in overcoming these constraints, Climalife has innovated by introducing the first mobile cylinder specifically for CO2: Mooviz.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle and wheels to facilitate its transport and handling, Mooviz is also lightweight through its design, using high-tech composite materials. With a 10kg CO2 charge, and equipped with a dual phase valve, this innovative packaging, combining safety and convenience, brings real added value to refrigeration and air conditioning installation engineers, the company says.

Climalife’s pressure/temperature slider is going digital. In response to current needs where there are an increasing number of refrigerants, too many to fit on one slide rule, the slider is going digital, and will soon be available for use on smart phones. Simple, well-designed and easy to use, with more than 50 refrigerants, the P/T Slider application is intended for professionals working in refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, and the European Energy Network (EnR). It quickly calculates the pressure and temperature within a selected refrigerant system, as well as accessing its properties.

Climalife has launched a new version of the ManTooth application. The ManTooth electronic pressure gauge is used to connect to systems and the company says users will never need a manifold or hose again because their phone will be doing all the work through a Bluetooth connection.

Created to simplify pressure and temperature checks and measurements in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, ManToothTM calculates the system’s superheat and sub-cooling, and displays this information instantly, easily and in colour, on iOS and Android devices.

Available free of charge from the Appstore and Google Play, the new version of the application now includes 113 refrigerants, including the new HFO fluids and hydrocarbons such as R-290 or R-600a. It is also available in four versions: French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

The main functions remain unchanged: the application allows users to save all pressure and temperature measurements taken, allocate them to a location and/or a system and send them by email, optimising the follow-up of maintenance work. It is available from Climalife as a single, duo and double pressure gauge with cases.

R-32 is now standard in Japan and, driven by F-Gas, is gaining ground across Europe. As refrigerant experts, Climalife can offer R-32 in a range of cylinder sizes for servicing and first fill of equipment. Specific recovery cylinders are available as well as approved equipment for working with R-32.

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