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Brymec passes airport delivery project with flying colours

Building services components distributor, Brymec, has supplied a wide range of air conditioning and plumbing components on next day delivery to HVAC contractor Principal Cooling which is replacing LLA’s AC and ventilation systems. The contract began in March 2017 and is due for completion in early 2019.

Brymec and Northern Ireland-based Principal Cooling have built, and maintain, an excellent communications channel. This has enabled them to develop a close working relationship which gives Principal Cooling peace of mind and confidence in Brymec’s ability to consistently meet its project objectives.

Trust and honesty are at the heart of the relationship. Rory Carron, account manager at Brymec, explained: “LLA is not the easiest site to deliver to, but our drivers have built strong relationships on site and understand the the process to go through to deliver to such a high security environment”.

“In the early stages this proved quite challenging but now it’s like a well-oiled machine – everyone knows what they need to do.”

Nigel Treanor, Principal Cooling’s contracts manager on the LLA project, added: “We have used other suppliers, but none of them have the same range that Brymec have… The working relationships [with Brymec] are also exceptionally good.”


Meeting a tough logistical challenge

Among the products Brymec has supplied are 3,500 metres of channel, predominantly in 6m lengths (equating to about 10 tonnes), 4,200m of copper tube and insulation, 1,000m of cable tray, 2,500m of studding, and fixings, bracketry, condensate pumps and other sundries such as paint and cutting disks.

Brymec also supplied 700 of Conex Bänninger’s innovative >B< MaxiPro fittings and its specialist tools from Rothenberger to create reliable, tamper-proof connections from a single action.

Brymec worked closely with Principal Cooling in the early stages of the project to put forward the MaxiPro product as a solution to the main client. It also had to submit technical documentation and trained Principal Cooling’s engineers on site on how to install the product.

>B< MaxiPro provides secure, permanent leak-proof joints suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration applications without the need for oxyacetylene work so there is no risk of fire and no need to obtain a hot works permit.


Outstanding service and timely supply

Principal Cooling is fitting air conditioning and ventilation in several areas including Departures, Immigration, International and Domestic Baggage, Arrivals, Central Screening Area as well as communications rooms, goods in/waste away and the terminal building.

The contractor requires regular, accurate deliveries three or four times a week. Consignments also vary in size so Brymec must be exceptionally flexible and responsive in its delivery process.

Mr Treanor said: “Brymec are unbeatable in terms of service and delivery. If we place an order at 4.55pm, it is there at 7.30am the next morning so they can’t be faulted.”

Mr Treanor places the orders with Brymec by collating a list from his engineers on site who will let him know what they need for the following day or the next couple of days. He then either orders online at or emails Brymec’s sales team with the list and an order number. That is processed by the customer service team and is entered onto Brymec’s delivery system, with any key delivery details such as time slots or delivery restrictions

The consignment then goes out with one of Brymec’s own drivers to arrive the next morning. The Brymec driver delivers to LLA’s site compound and Principal’s drivers then take the consignment from the site compound to airside.

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