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News Archive - July 2010

ACRIB calls for greater F-gas enforcement 27 July 2010
ACRIB has called for greater policing and enforcement of the F-gas regulations. As the EU review of the effectiveness of the F-gas regulations across Europe continues, ACRIB's own survey in the UK found that the single most significant barrier to effectiveness of the Regulation is the lack of visible enforcement, policing and mechanisms to guarantee compliance or report non-compliance.

Mitsubishi issues Ecodan recall after "explosion" 27 July 2010
MITSUBISHI Electric UK has taken the unprecedented step of issuing a product safety recall after a component failure in one of its Ecodan air source heat pumps. The announcement follows what was described by local press reports as an "explosion" in one of its heat pumps at a house in Chard, Somerset, on July 9.

The ACR News Awards are coming to London 27 July 2010
THE highly successful ACR News Awards are coming to London. The 2011 event will now take place on Thursday March 31 at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC. In a further change to tradition, the event will now take place at lunchtime.

Green backing for 1234yf 26 July 2010
THE announcement by giant US car firm General Motors that it is to use the new refrigerant HFO1234yf in all its new cars has been welcomed by green group the Environmental Investigation Agency.

Hydrocarbon refrigerant gets US thumbs-up 20 July 2010
A HYDROCARBON refrigerant blend has been approved for use in the US. Approval of HCR188C1 - a blend of ethane, propane, butane and isobutane - by the US Environmental Protection Agency paves the way for the sale of a hydrocarbon refrigerant in the USA for the first time.

Hendra brings Freedom to the heat pump market 20 July 2010
GRAHAM Hendra, erstwhile general manager of LG air conditioning, is to put his experience into the sale of heat pumps. His new company Freedom Heat Pumps has been formed as a division of the Freedom Group, the distribution company formed by Paul Taylor and Gary Spicer in 2008.

Martin Richards is back 15 July 2010
MARTIN Richards, former md of Fujitsu air conditioning in the UK has joined Hitachi as UK and Ireland manager.

LH to handle Frascold UK warranties 12 July 2010
WARRANTY claims on Frascold refrigeration compressors in the UK will now be handled by remanufacturer LH plc. The Wimbledon-based specialist will use its state-of-the-art facilities to investigate compressors referred by UK installers under Frascold's two-year warranty scheme. Before the arrangement, compressors were shipped back to the manufacturer for examination in Italy.

Carrier sells Heat Transfer Products 12 July 2010
CARRIER has sold its Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG) business in the US to investment firms Monomoy Capital Partners and Starboard Capital Partners.

Danfoss sells domestic compressor business 12 July 2010
DANFOSS has sold its domestic compressors business to German industrial holdings group Aurelius AG.

September date for Northern dinner 11 July 2010
MANY who mourned the absence of the IoR's Northern Annual Dinner from last year's social calendar will be pleased to learn that it will be back and better than ever this year.

Road map gives directions to lower emissions 11 July 2010
THOSE in food retailing who find themselves lost when it comes to deciding which refrigeration route to take to reduce their carbon emissions would do well to download a copy of the Refrigeration Road Map from the Carbon Trust's website.

Henry in Asian refrigeration joint venture 06 July 2010
Henry Technologies has formed a manufacturing and marketing joint venture with Heldon Products Australia Pty, a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration components in Australia and Asia.

A-Gas calls for ban on refrigerant sales via internet auction sites 06 July 2010
REFRIGERANT producer A-Gas (UK) is calling for a ban on the sale of refrigerants on internet auction sites. The company is concerned that buyers may not have the necessary specialist knowledge in the safe handling of refrigerants and points out that the contents of any cylinder being sold on auction sites cannot be guaranteed to be genuine.

US scrap thieves face environmental charges 06 July 2010
THE high price of copper and aluminium has made air conditioning units a target for thieves vandalising units for the scrap value of their components, but a current case in the US may make thieves there think again.

Daikin launches Altherma for flats 02 July 2010
A VERSION of Daikin's Altherma heat pump has now been developed for use in flats and apartments. Daikin says the new system can supply hot water up to a maximum of 80 deg C. The heat recovery system allows simultaneous heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.

AREA seeks ban on split sales to unqualified persons 01 July 2010
AREA, the European Contractors Association, is pressing for the 3kg limit on the F-gas regulations to be reduced and to make it an offence to sell pre-charged systems to unqualified persons. These are amongst a number of changes suggested by AREA in a comprehensive response to Oeko-Recherche, the organisation responsible for carrying out the current review of the F-gas regulations.

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