2 August 2019

Weger releases efficient acoustic enclosures in UK

Weger, in collaboration with the Austrian acoustic engineer Rudolf Kellner, has invested a significant amount of time in the design of the finest acoustic enclosures. This product will enable consultants, acousticians and end users to reduce the sound emissions in the area around a significant noise source.

Weger engineer Rudolf Kellner.

The requirements on reducing the noise break out are steadily growing, therefore Mr Kellner has engineered these housings for now and the future.

Customers can choose an acoustic enclosure for every required size of externally installed air conditioners and heat pump units as well as chillers and hydraulic pumping sets. The enclosure design also makes retrofitting possible.

In several European countries many have already benefitted from using Weger’s and Kellner’s acoustic enclosures, by reducing the noise break out of air conditioning equipment and meeting every sound specification requirements from the local authorities.

Our most important advantages over other acoustic enclosures are:

  • Sound insulation of up to -27dB(A), measured with the most precise equipment.
  • Extremely low pressure drop of less than 15Pa on the exhaust site at 10000 m³/h.
  • Self-supporting steel baseframe with an innovative new ‘split-bottom’.
  • Weatherproofed and completely assembled unit.
  • 100 per cent waterproofed insulation, without the use of adhesives.

Reinhold Stieber-Bernsteiner from KSM Kälte- und Klimatechnick said: “We appreciate the long-standing, very good cooperation and are fully convinced by the innovations and continuous further development Mr Kellner is implementing with his housings”


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