COOLFLOW DTX has been especially formulated to exploit the advantages Ethylene Glycol has over Propylene Glycol. Specifically: • More efficient heat transfer • Easier to pump, especially at low temperatures • Less volume for the same freeze protection • Cheaper per litre

COOLFLOW DTX has been tested and classified as Non-Toxic1 by an EPA certified laboratory. The tests carried out on COOLFLOW DTX confirmed that the toxicity was “so low that it was impossible to determine an LD50 value”.

Similar volumes of COOLFLOW DTX or Ethylene Glycol are required to achieve a specific freeze protection.

COOLFLOW DTX contains synergistic corrosion inhibitors to protect metals commonly found in most systems. It has been tested in accordance with BS5117 and found to meet BS6580 corrosion standards for mild & stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and cast iron.

COOLFLOW DTX also contains scale and biological inhibitors to help prevent fouling – thus promoting long operational life and high thermal efficiency.

COOLFLOW DTX is miscible with water in all proportions and can protect RAC systems down to -50°C depending on concentration.

COOLFLOW DTX exhibits super-cooling characteristics and mixtures containing in excess of 50% by volume do not freeze solid, alleviating any concern over possible expansion and burst damage.

16 April 2012

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