Stream – State of the art semi-hermetic piston technology

Emerson Climate Technologies has started the production of a family of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors: Stream. Stream provides the industry with a portfolio of technologies: a range of 4 and 6 cylinder compressors for today’s most commonly found HFC refrigerants, a range of Digital semi-hermetic compressors for simple continuous capacity modulation as well as a range designed for CO2 transcritical applications. All models are fitted with CoreSense™ Diagnostics that provides advanced compressor protection and diagnostics.

Emerson Climate Technologies is starting the new year 2012 with great news: Stream, the new range of semi-hermetic Copeland® brand compressors for commercial and industrial applications, is now released for production. It is the state-of-the-art technology that results from a continuous investment in R&D and is the answer to the challenges in the commercial sector where refrigeration systems are required to be efficient, sustainable, quiet and environmentally responsible.


Efficiency choice whatever the refrigerant

Emerson’s engineers combined existing design techniques with new advanced technologies to create a new 4 and 6-cylinder range of 16 models for HFC refrigerants. Eight of them have Digital continuous modulation capabilities. They cover cooling capacities from 33 to 80 kW medium temperature, 11 to 28 kW low temperature with R404A and can be used also with R134a as well as R407A/C while being the most efficient compressors available. Having the choice between several refrigerants for the same compressor without any compromise on performance is an important and unique benefit: this was made possible by the Emerson-owned and patented Discus® valve plate technology. Compared to other semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, this technology allows 10% better performance with R404A.


Choice between two solutions of capacity modulation

A way to reduce energy consumption and CO2-emissions is capacity modulation. For the first time, contractors or installers can choose between two different modulation technologies: inverter technology or digital modulation. All Stream compressors are released for inverter applications. In addition Stream Digital models provide an alternative means of continuous modulation. Digital modulation is the most simple and precise method of capacity control and helps to contain applied costs associated with modulation. The compressor always runs at constant speed which resolves the challenges related to oil return, mechanical and electrical stress on the system.



Quietest on the market

Stream is one of the quietest reciprocating compressors on the market. Design efforts have led to sound reduction of up to 7dBA compared to previous generation of compressors depending on models and application. Compressor quiet operation is not always sufficient for sound sensitive such as urban application. As a result a new sound shell can be fitted on Stream compressors and provides an additional 15dBA attenuation.


Stream for natural refrigerants

In addition to the HFC models 3 models for R744 (CO2) transcritical applications cover cooling capacities from 20 to 37 kW. This is the ideal solution for medium temperature cascade and booster systems when combined with Emerson’s ZO scroll range for CO2 subcritical. These CO2 Stream models are characterized by a design pressure of 135 bar and are released for operation with frequency inverters. Refrigerant flow and heat transfer have been optimized for best performance.


An intelligent compressor

All compressor models of the Stream family feature CoreSense™ Diagnostics, an electronic module that provides advanced compressor protection and diagnostics benefits for improved system reliability, reduced service costs and increased equipment uptime. With CoreSense™ technology, service engineers can now diagnose system-related problems faster or even before they occur in order to keep refrigeration systems in optimum condition over their entire lifetime. The diagnostics module stores compressor asset and advanced runtime information. An individual compressor monitoring is possible, too.


Further information about the new Stream product range as well as performance data on Emerson Climate’s next Select Software update can be found at

10 January 2012

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