ZX EazyCool - Full Range / Fully Equipped

All advantages of Emerson Climate Technologies EazyCool™ ZX condensing units are now available for medium as well as for low temperatures – and a little bit more.

Recent growth in the convenience store sector located within the urban environment has seen a demand for refrigeration systems to be compact, low noise and low carbon footprint.  Most of the stores merchandise is well served for medium temperature application with an array of outdoor units available but with the increase demand for frozen food these units are not ideal. As a result most economical but also practical refrigeration systems are being requested.

Emerson Climate Technologies has reacted to this growing demand. The outcome is a range of Copeland EazyCoolTM ZXLE units.  Five new condensing units specifically designed for low temperature applications complement the existing medium temperature ZXME model (Fig 1). In addition a further four models for medium temperatures with single-phase voltage are being launched.

When developing the new Emerson EazyCool ZX condensing units focus was on two main objectives:

·          improved system efficiency and reliability will help to reduce the life cycle costs significantly

·          installation and operation of the condensing unit should be as simple as possible.

“Both of these objectives should be realized in a compact housed unit with a low sound level”, explains Markus Lenz, product manager for condensing units at Emerson Climate Technologies.  “With efficiency increasingly becoming more of an important criterion when deciding for or against a product, the new Copeland EazyCool™ ZX unit range is setting a high benchmark”. The efficiency advantage of the Copeland Scroll compressor will again be reinforced by a generously sized condenser.

The low temperature models in addition feature Enhanced Vapor Injection to provide improved efficiency.  Sickle blade fans with intelligent speed control are also supporting this aspect. In comparison to condensing units using reciprocating hermetic compressors, the ZX range provides up to 20% lower energy costs. The outcome is COP-values approaching 2.49 at medium temperature and up to 1.32 with low temperature applications (EN13215*).  Considering that running costs make up nearly 75% of the total life cycle costs (Fig 2), it is important to choose the right technology and benefit from the highest saving potential.  With energy costs expected to continually increase in coming years, proven life cycle cost savings will only accelerate in the future from today’s levels.

But what about the concept ‘ready to install’?  “Suction accumulator and oil separator have been integrated as standard in the new low temperature ZXLE units”, explains Markus Lenz.  “In addition, a new diagnostic module has been developed and installed into the condensing unit”. With CoreSense™ diagnostics the system status is monitored in real time and the installer gets the relevant information about the unit operation mode at a glance. The built-in electronics also provides unique protection for the compressor against over-current, phase-imbalance, phase loss or incorrect phase rotation (Fig 3).

 EazyCool ZX units are quiet with a sound pressure level of 41 dB(A) maximum in the daytime and just 36 dB(A) in night mode. Single-phase MT models have also recently been released extending up to nominal 4 HP motor. In addition, “Emerson are set to bring to market a further extension to the ZX that will include Copeland Scroll DigitalTM technology” concludes Markus Lenz. 


*Values measured according EN 13215, Te=-10/-35°C, Ta= 32°C, RGT=20°C

07 September 2011

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