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Cool-Shot by Errecom: A new life to the air conditioning and refrigeration system

Errecom has designed a product to fight and solve the problem of oil fouling within air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The Problem

Oil fouling causes many of the problems linked to the air conditioning and refrigeration systems, above all if they are pretty old.

What are we talking about? Throughout the years, some oil remains settle on the walls of the refrigerant and air conditioning units. These stratifications obstruct the heat exchange process by isolating the refrigerant gas and reducing the plant performances.

This phenomenon causes an unavoidable decrease of the service and a consequent increase in maintenance costs and CO2 emissions (the plant does not cool anymore, meaning that the consumer needs to turn up its power and electricity bills get higher, alongside CO2 emissions).

Product Details

Cool-Shot has been designed in Errecom labs to improve the system conditions by giving it new life and performances; thanks to Cool-Shot by Errecom, air gets easily colder.

By analysing some Errecom case-histories, we have attained some interesting data: -5°C very shortly, +73% of heat exchange, -20% of the plant energy consumption. The compressor lubricant increase its efficiency (+54%), and the unit gains +50% of lifetime.

By solving the oil fouling problem, Cool-Shot is a 100% ecological product and thanks to its usage, consumers can even save electricity and CO2 emissions.

This is a very important aspect for Errecom. Since its foundation in 2011, it has always been acting with a green vision, in order to produce environmentally friendly products which work to solve problems that can be dangerous for our planet.

By using Cool-Shot, changing the system or its component is not needed anymore; this solution guarantees a lifetime extension of the air conditioning and refrigerant units.

Further advantages are:

  • reduction of the maintenance costs;
  • decrease of vibrations and noise caused by the compressor.

Cool-Shot by Errecom acts without causing chemical changes in the compressor lubricant and refrigerant gas. Furthermore, it helps the refrigerant gas as it works directly on the surfaces of the pipes, considerably increasing its performances.

Errecom Technology

Errecom has patented a new way of injecting chemicals inside air conditioning and refrigeration systems; a syringe is connected to an adapter with a one-way valve. This brand new technology has revolutionised the world of maintainance and technical assistance, thanks to its easy and fast application. In addition, adapters are 100% recyclable, for a greener and cleaner world.

Since 2001, Errecom has been producing excellence in chemical solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Its supply chain is 100% made in Italy or 100% made in Errecom, as it would be better to say. Errecom then checks every single process and component, giving life to the highest quality products.

As a European company, Errecom endorses stringent environmental protocols intended to protect the planet.

For more information visit the company’s website at, email Elena Osyptsova - or call +39 030 971 90 96. 

19 June 2017


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