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Tadiran Airow 3 air purification device: small but mighty

Tadiran launched its Airow 3 air purification device earlier this year. This small but mighty device can be installed in minutes to any new or existing wall mounted Air conditioning unit. It is a really simple, easy add on and not only prevents mould and odours from within the unit but also pre-treats the air in the room using the airflow from the AC to attack viruses and bacteria at their emission using H2O2.

Tadiran has now launched a bracket for their device to expand its use and it can now be installed in minutes to any cassette type or small ducted system.

This device has been extensively tested all over the world, including the UK, and the technology has been tested in real world environments like populated movie theatres. The results have been fantastic, it reduced SARS Covid-19 virus by 99.93% in just 1 hour, it eliminated Strep A bacteria in just 120 minutes and reduced levels of blue mould by 99.4% in just three hours.

Available for purchase by AC companies through suppliers Clenzair or Greenmill, these affordable devices are gaining popularity. Many AC companies are quoting for them as optional extras for all their customers, offering them to both existing maintenance customers and new installations. This innovative solution represents a significant step forward in enhancing air quality within indoor environments.


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