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Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd are listed in the following categories:
Tools and ancillaries > Adhesives
Air filtration > Air cleaners
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: close control
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: gas fired
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: packaged
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: portable
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: split systems
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: VRF
Air filtration
Instruments > Air flow measurement
Air handling units and equipment > Air handling units
Ductwork and accessories > Attenuators
Controls and monitoring > Building management control systems
Tools and ancillaries > Capillary tubes
Air conditioning equipment > Chilled ceilings
Chillers > Chillers: absorption
Chillers > Chillers: air conditioning
Chillers > Chillers: air-cooled
Chillers > Chillers: packaged
Chillers > Chillers: process cooling
Chillers > Chillers: water cooled
Compressors > Compressor packs
Compressors > Compressor remanufacturing
Compressors > Compressors: centrifugal
Compressors > Compressors: reciprocating-hermetic
Compressors > Compressors: reciprocating-open
Compressors > Compressors: reciprocating-semi hermetic
Compressors > Compressors: rotary
Compressors > Compressors: screw
Compressors > Compressors: scroll
Tools and ancillaries > Condensate pumps
Condensers > Condensers: air-cooled
Condensers > Condensers: evaporative
Condensers > Condensers: water-cooled
Air conditioning equipment > Condensing units
Controls and monitoring > Control panels
Controls and monitoring > Controls: energy
Controls and monitoring > Controls: flow
Controls and monitoring > Controls: pressure
Controls and monitoring > Controls: temperature
Controls and monitoring > Controls: time
Ductwork and accessories > Dampers
Controls and monitoring > Data logging
Air conditioning equipment > Dehumidifiers
Ductwork and accessories > Diffusers/grilles/registers
Ductwork and accessories > Ducting: flexible
Ductwork and accessories > Ducting: rigid
Ductwork and accessories > Ductwork cleaning
Ductwork and accessories > Ductwork components
Air conditioning equipment > Fan coil units
Fans > Fan motors
Instruments > Flow meters
Instruments > Gauges
Heat exchangers > Heat exchangers: plate
Heat exchangers > Heat exchangers: shell and tube
Air conditioning equipment > Heat pumps
Heat recovery equipment
Tools and ancillaries > Hose
Air conditioning equipment > Humidifiers
Controls and monitoring > Monitoring & alarm
Tools and ancillaries > Oils and lubricants
Tools and ancillaries > Pipe couplings & fittings
Tools and ancillaries > Pipes/tubes
Refrigerants > Refrigerant leak detectors
Refrigerants > Refrigerant recovery/reclaim
Tools and ancillaries > Sealants
Instruments > Sight glasses
Tools and ancillaries > Solder and fluxes
Tools and ancillaries > Tapes
Tools and ancillaries > Test plugs
Instruments > Thermometers
Valves > Valves: balancing
Valves > Valves: check
Valves > Valves: compressor suction and discharge
Valves > Valves: expansion
Valves > Valves: float
Valves > Valves: relief
Valves > Valves: reversing
Valves > Valves: shut-off
Valves > Valves: solenoid
Valves > Valves: three way dual control
Instruments > Vibration meters
Tools and ancillaries > Water treatment
Air conditioning equipment
Air handling units and equipment
Controls and monitoring
Ductwork and accessories
Heat exchangers
Tools and ancillaries
Coils > Heating coils
Coils > Cooling coils
Recruitment agencies
Training providers
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: lifting equipment
Air conditioning equipment > Cooling towers
Compressors > Compressors: spare parts
Tools and ancillaries > Anti-vibration mount
Tools and ancillaries > Pipe supports
Tools and ancillaries > Variable speed drives
Tools and ancillaries > Booster pumps
Tools and ancillaries > Vacuum pumps
Tools and ancillaries > Tools
Recycling > Air conditioning
Recycling > Refrigerants
Air filtration > Air Filters
Refrigerants > Refrigerants - secondary
Electric Motors
Electric Motors > Electric Motors
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: rooftops
News Categories
News Categories > Awards
Free Cooling Systems
Free Cooling Systems > Air Conditioning Equipment
Free Cooling Systems > Chillers
Acoustic Plant Enclosures > Engineering
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: spare parts
Refrigerants > Spare Parts
Chillers > Absorption
Air conditioning equipment > Air conditioning: underfloor

Mr Matthew Banks
HVAC Technical Sales Manager

The Yorkshire Air Centre,
Rastrick Common,
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01422321772
Fax: 01422342430

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12th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems
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