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Panasonic’s new system of air/water heat pump, AQUAREA, is both economic and ecological

An ideal solution for heating, cooling and sanitary hot water for both new and old buildings: - Highly efficient heat pump technology - A broad range from 7 to 16kW, in single-phase and three-phase, single units and splits - Reduction of energy costs - Option of connecting the system to an existing heating system or to solar panels - Reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions
Panasonic’s new system of air/water heat pump, AQUAREA, is both economic and ecological
A high performance 3-in-1 system: the best efficiency on the market, even during very cold weather

Panasonic's new system, Aquarea, is based on highly efficient heat pump technology, which not only heats the house and sanitary water, but also cools it down in summer with incredible comfort and performances whatever the weather conditions - even when outdoor temperatures are extreme.

The Aquarea range has been specially designed to supply maximum output, even during extreme temperatures.

7 kW 9 kW 12 kW 14 kW 16 kW
Outdoor temperature 7ºC Power (kW) 7.00 9.00 12.00 14.00 16.00
COP 4.40 4.10 4.67 4.50 4.23
Outdoor temperature -7ºC Power (kW) 5.15 5.90 11.00 11.90 12.80
COP 2.65 2.50 2.7 2.62 2.55
Water input temperature: 30°C
Water output temperature: 35°C

Up to 78% in energy savings

Panasonic's Aquarea heat pump makes it possible to save up to 78% on a house's electricity expenditure. For example, the 12kW Aquarea system has a COP (coefficient of performance) of 4.67: for every kW of electricity consumed, it generates 4.67kW of energy. This represents 3.67kW more than a traditional electric heating system, corresponding to savings of 78%. Consumption can be reduced still further by connecting solar panels to the Aquarea system.

'Green' energy

Aquarea, which is at the cutting edge of innovation, resolutely positions itself as a 'green' heating and air conditioning system. Aquarea belongs to a new generation of heating and air conditioning systems which use a renewable and free energy - the air - to warm or cool down the house and produce hot water.
Furthermore, the Aquarea heat pump is able to reduce a house's CO² emissions by up to 50%.*

*These figures are calculated for a 4-bedroom house of standard construction built in 2000, for which Aquarea replaced a gas boiler with an 80% efficiency rate.

A compact design: easy installation and maintenance

The Aquarea heating and air conditioning system is very easy to install on both new and old buildings.

Panasonic's Aquarea air-water system significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs. In the case of new buildings, no drilling or excavating work is necessary to capture the heat - as opposed to geothermic installations - and neither is it necessary to connect the system to the gas supply; moreover, there are no chimneys and no fuel tanks. In the case of existing buildings or renovations, it is easy to connect it to the existing heating system with low temperature radiators and underfloor heating.

The compact and light hydraulic module (only 644 x 504 x 295 mm for the 7kW model) can be installed almost anywhere. It can even be fitted in a very small space.

Maintenance is also made easier. The pressure gauge and the control panel are positioned on the hydraulic module, making diagnosis quick and easy in the event of an anomaly. The front panel can be opened to make maintenance easier.

Panasonic's Aquarea system

From a practical point of view, Panasonic's Aquarea system is composed of:
·A compact outdoor unit, which is available for power ranging from 7kW to 16kW, and is capable of functioning in outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C.
·A small and discreet indoor hydraulic module, with an easy-to-use control panel
·A hot water tank with a capacity of 200 or 300 liters. The tank has a heat exchanger which heats sanitary water with maximum efficiency.
Also note:
·The control panel makes it possible to control the temperature of the heating and that of the hot water tank very easily depending on outdoor conditions, in order to obtain maximum levels of efficiency and comfort.
·Aquarea's indoor units have 2 Panasonic differential circuit breakers a (unique ELCB system) ensuring the greatest possible safety in the event of a short circuit.

Aquarea's heat pump systems also stand out due to their long service life. The hot water tank is made of high quality stainless steel and is not only designed for maximum strength and period of service, but also for exceptional resistance to corrosion. By preventing corrosion and the forming of limestone in the tank and circuit, the closed circuit tank helps to ensure reliable and stable heating. This in turn offers comfortable surroundings at all times.

About Panasonic Heating-Air Conditioning
With more than 30 years of experience, exports to more than 120 countries around the world, and 100 million compressors already produced, Panasonic is one of the leaders in the air conditioning sector.
Panasonic proposes four ranges of innovative solutions in heating and air conditioning for the house, the office, companies and industrial sites.
Panasonic attaches special importance to the quality of its solutions, which testify to a well-thought out design and the guarantee of healthy air, whilst complying with the strictest standards in terms of energy consumption, respect for the environment and noise emissions.
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