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Errecom focuses on condenser cleaners: a wide range of products for every need

Last week Errecom focused on the issue of A/C indoor units cleaning, offering a number of highly performing solutions and safe at the same time. This week Errecom deals with the condenser cleaning process.

Last week Errecom focused on the issue of A/C indoor units cleaning, offering a number of highly performing solutions and safe at the same time. This week Errecom deals with the condenser cleaning process.

Condensers are actually a fundamental part of the whole system, which are often placed outside buildings and homes. Therefore condensers are obviously subject to the atmospheric agents of the surrounding environments.

The main causes of dirt and corrosion are due to smog, acid rain, salinity, dust and earth. All these factors, if underestimated, can cause corrosion and, consequently, rust formation in the outdoor unit components. These elements can became contaminants that affect the air quality, as they transfer all the polluting factors within the system and consequently inside houses and offices.

Last but not least, an air conditioning system properly treated guarantees better performance and less impact in terms of cost and power efficiency.

Cleaning and protection: a full treatment for every need of the air conditioning condenser

Every component has its own need in terms of therapy. Therefore Errecom has studied various dedicated solutions for the condensers: a wide range of products, both acid and alkaline ones, which are safe and ready-to-use. Errecom cleaners restore high air quality and, more generally, improve the efficiency of the system.

ECO-RESTORE: an effective, environmentally friendly cleaner

ECO RESTORE is an effective cleaner for condensers. Environmentally friendly, ECO RESTORE does not contain acids, phosphates, solvents and soda. The biodegradability is guaranteed at very high levels, thanks to the use of natural surfactants: these components have actually a great level of biodegradability, which is even higher than the one required by the current European laws. ECO RESTORE is not aggressive for the materials and is therefore an extremely fast and effective cleaner. Proposed in a concentrated formula, ECO RESTORE should be diluted 1:4, to remove the most of organic residues, dust and mould. ECO RESTORE is safe for the operator and does not leave traces that can be harmful to the environment. It is also a suitable product for the cleaning of condensers that are settled in food processing rooms.

BEST COND CLEANER: for neglected condensers

BEST COND CLEANER is an alkaline cleaner for condensers settled in extremely dirty conditions, whose origin is mainly environmental and/or animal. Thanks to its properties and formulation, this product effectively degreases, removing even the most stubborn deposits such as organic residues, stubborn fat, dust, pollen and smog.

BEST COND CLEANER is ideal for restoring neglected systems by improving their performances and it is also indicated to degrease thoroughly dirt deposited in the cracks of the finned coils.

BEST ACID COND CLEANER: a cleaner for condensers in oxidation conditions

BEST ACID COND CLEANER is an acid-based descaling cleaner, ideal for condensers in extreme conditions of sedimented dirt. Thanks to its formulation, BEST ACID COND CLEANER also removes the most stubborn deposits. Concentrated, this product has to be diluted 1:6, in order to easily remove oxidation, salt and encrustation. BEST ACID COND CLEANER is the ideal product to restore neglected plants, improving its efficiency and it is particularly recommended to deeply descale dirt deposited in the cracks of finned coils.

NO-AGE: to protect the condenser against corrosion

Internal and external cleaning processes are completed. Now it is necessary to protect the unit which risks more from corrosion (we are speaking about the condenser). Especially when installed in highly oxidising areas (seaside, polluted sites), condenser is subject to heavy stress because of salt, acid rain and pollution.

Directly spray on the previously cleaned condensers, NO-AGE forms a microfilm that maintains unaltered the thermal exchange of the condensing unit, reducing the ability of contaminants from damaging the surfaces. NO-AGE also protects the metals thanks to an anti-corrosion barrier.

Since 2001 Errecom has been producing excellence in chemical solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. All of its products are made in Italy and the company checks every single process and component, giving life to the highest quality products ever.

As a European company Errecom endorses tightened laws and protocols which aim to help protect the environment.

For this reason Errecom has designed a cleaners’ line which guarantees a much higher level of biodegradability, compared to the one required by the EU regulations. Furthermore the triggers onthe bottles of Errecom cleaning products are made from 100% recyclable plastic.

For more information visit the company’s website at, email Elena Osyptsova - or call +39 030 971 90 96.


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