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19 March 2010

Coolsave Wireless Data Loggers & Building Managment Control systems (with GEST)

Coolsave Data Logging and Building Managment Systems (BMS) are a unique range of wireless data logging, control and alarm systems using Web Interface, Email and SMS text, allowing remote 24/7 access to your plant. Products ranging from the 8 Channel Coolsave Light to the highly advanced 250 channel Coolsave Plus (with BMS option). Whatever your environmental monitoring requirements are, we have the market covered.


Coolsave is the first of the new generation of wireless data loggers and building managment systems to use (GEST) Green Energy Saving Technology, and the Coolsave range of award- winning data loggers with GEST have now launched Coolsave Plus, a  powerful 250 wireless channel logger, with multiple functions and web-based monitoring, including CT monitoring, and gas leak detection.

Coolsave is the first of the new generation of,  wireless data loggers to use (GEST) Green Energy Saving Technology. GEST has allowed this versatile system to reduce the running cost in the factory, office or site, by monitoring and displaying in actual real time currency the running cost which can be displayed on its impressive 6” full colour TFT screen,  laptop or even mobile phone. Coolsave can wireless monitor any electrical device which draws current. eg refrigeration plant, lighting or drive motors and by reading the actual running cost of plant prior to a service and again on completion of the service after coils have been cleaned, filters changed and refrigerant checked,  showing once and for all that routine maintenance really can save customers money.

Coolsave can monitor defrost radiant and convection heat by diagnosing the on-screen line graph this will show where the savings can be made. Door monitoring is the fastest way to save money, and the Coolsave system will not only monitor but will omit an audible alarm, and if required send a text alert warning that the door has been left open beyond its set time limits.

Coolsave Plus has 250-wireless channels and a bus RS45 connecter. Its open protocol and repeater units allow it to be totally versatile for the any-size building, whilst Coolsave light has a simple 8-wireless channel  encoder suitable for most small-to-medium shops, factories or offices.

Coolsave plus has a  built in highly intelligent refrigerant gas detection system which will completely monitor plant rooms and pipe run zones,. This sends an alarm and if required a text message or web alert, when refrigerant is detected via its detection sensors. This works on all HFC HCFC and NH3 refrigerants.

Loan worker and panic switches are also part of the Coolsave system, providing safety to staff 24hours a day 365 days a year.

Coolsave vehicle will monitor the temperature and location of your vehicle feet, and automatically down load the data as the vehicle returns to its depot

The 6” touch screen will, at a touch show temperature, alarm zones, door operation and running cost. If required your company logo can be displayed to complete this superb new generation data logger and monitoring system. 



Coolsave MK2

New Features List


·       6” touch screen showing live temperature graphs.

·       Personnel time in/out recording via non-contact card reader (electronic clocking in/out device).

·       Wireless data retrieval from Coolsave Vehicle logger.

·       Calendar function allowing key dates to be sent to designated numbers.

·       Logging of door opening/closing times, with alarm and SMS reporting if door left open too long.

·       Can also be operated as an alarm system.

·       Data transfer from Coolsave to PC now 6 times faster.

·       Colour graphical site display shown on Coolsave screen.

·       Lone worker portable panic switch support.

·       Personalised customer logo displayed on Coolsave screen.

·       Remote access / interrogation via mobile phone or computer.

·       Network support now allows report access from multiple computers.

·       Remote configuration via mobile phone or computer.

·       Connects to expander modules, providing building control and freezer control.

·       New electronics design uses reduced power consumption.

·       Supports up to 250 temperature probes per Coolsave.

·       Supports up to 8 Panic switches per system.

·       Maintenance reminder tag alert.



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