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Oz-Chill Refrigerants is an Australian company and a world-leading supplier of natural refrigerants. We provide natural refrigerants formulated to increase the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems in all applications; be it automotive air conditioning, industrial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, or home refrigeration. Our products embody all things great about natural refrigerants; eco-friendly, safer to use, and energy efficient. Our Product Range Oz-Chill's refrigerants: (NOTE: Pure products are refined to 99% purity) - OZ-600a (isobutane) - OZ-290 (propane) - OZ-30 (blend) - OZ-40 (blend) - OZ-50 (blend) Why Oz-Chill? What Makes us Different? We provide energy-efficient products Oz-Chill's products and blends bring about the thermodynamic properties of hydrocarbons by means of careful formulation. In general, hydrocarbon refrigerants are 50% more efficient conductors of heat than chemical refrigerants, and their operating pressures are approximately 20% lower. A combination of these lower operating discharge pressures and a reduction of the operating temperature within a system's compressor reduce the compressor's workload, thereby extending the lifespan of your equipment and keeping wear and tear at bay. With Oz-Chill's refrigerants, you can also attain a substantial cutback on your system's energy consumption. Observe a 10% to 40% decrease in consumption if you use our products to replace a system's existing HCFC or HFC chemical refrigerant. Granted, every refrigeration or air conditioning system has varied designs, but as long as they use chemical refrigerants, they eat up a ton of energy. By choosing Oz-Chill, you can transform your system into an energy-efficient machine. We only produce refrigerants of the highest quality All of Oz-Chill's products are refined to the highest levels in order to provide you with an ensured level of quality. The level of impurities in our refrigerants is insignificant to cause any trouble. In addition, our pure refrigerants, the OZ-290 and OZ-600a are both refined to over 99% purity. Our blends are also composed of these pure refrigerants during formulation. Remember, it is vital that raw hydrocarbons are refined to a refrigerant grade in order to reduce moisture content and impurities. Impurities such as OTHER hydrocarbons can affect the vapour pressure of refrigerant gases, lowering your system's overall efficiency. A mixture of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons can react with system components. Impurities like Sulfur can cause corrosion, and accumulated moisture can lead to hydrolysis, corrosion and compressor failure. All these are likely to happen if the refrigerant you choose is sub-par. With Oz-Chill, you free yourself from the woes of unrefined refrigerants. We adhere to Global Standards One important characteristic of hydrocarbon refrigerants as stated in some of these standards is to have an easily distinguishable odour. This is so because it is essential for you to act instantly if your system has leaks; and for you to act instantly, you have to confirm the presence of a leak. The unique odour of our refrigerants lets you take notice of a leak immediately. We at Oz-Chill believe that this is an important safety precaution and have ensured that all our refrigerants meet this standard. All of our high-quality refrigerants also meet the strict requirements and standards of both the Australian Government (AS/NZS: 1677) and Governments around the world. MISSION STATEMENT We supply eco-friendly, energy efficient natural refrigerants to customers concerned about the environment. We keep the world safe, one refrigerant at a time.
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Sales Manager Charles Posselt
Sales Manager

Unit 2, 83 Kent Way,

WA, Australia

Telephone: +61 8 6142 0790

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