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Wholesaler and agent of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, controls,cold rooms, insulation products, tools, parts and accessories.
Alpha Refrigeration Products Ltd are listed in the following categories:
Air conditioning equipment
Air conditioning equipment > Condensing units
Air conditioning equipment > Heat pumps
Catering and Bakery Refrigeration Equipment
Catering and Bakery Refrigeration Equipment > Cabinets: refrigerated display
Chillers > Chillers: packaged
Chillers > Chillers: water cooled
Cold rooms, cold stores and equipment
Cold rooms, cold stores and equipment > Cold rooms/cold stores
Cold rooms, cold stores and equipment > Cold store panels
Cold rooms, cold stores and equipment > Door hardware & gaskets
Cold rooms, cold stores and equipment > Doors: coldroom
Cold rooms, cold stores and equipment > Evaporators
Cold rooms, cold stores and equipment > Shelving/racking
Cold rooms, cold stores and equipment > Unit coolers
Compressors > Compressor packs
Compressors > Compressors: reciprocating-hermetic
Compressors > Compressors: reciprocating-open
Compressors > Compressors: reciprocating-semi hermetic
Compressors > Compressors: rotary
Compressors > Compressors: screw
Compressors > Compressors: scroll
Compressors > Compressors: spare parts
Condensers > Condensers: air-cooled
Controls and monitoring
Controls and monitoring > Controls: defrost
Controls and monitoring > Controls: flow
Controls and monitoring > Controls: pressure
Controls and monitoring > Controls: temperature
Controls and monitoring > Controls: time
Doors and door equipment
Doors and door equipment > Glass doors
Doors and door equipment > Hygienic doors
Doors and door equipment > Swing doors and PVC curtains
Electric Motors
Electric Motors > Electric Motors
Fans > Fan motors
Fans > Fans: axial flow
Heat exchangers
Heat exchangers > Heat exchangers: plate
Heat exchangers > Heat exchangers: shell and tube
Instruments > Gauges
Instruments > Sight glasses
Insulation > Insulation: acoustic
Insulation > Insulation: thermal
Insulation > Thermal insulation
Refrigerants > Refrigerant leak detectors
Refrigerants > Refrigerant recovery/reclaim
Refrigeration components, ancillary
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Defrost equipment
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Filter driers
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Frost heave mats
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Heating elements: electric
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Oil coolers
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Oil separators
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Pressure vessels receivers
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Pumps: Refrigerant
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Strainers
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Suction Accumulators
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Thermostats
Refrigeration components, ancillary > Trace heating
Refrigerated shop display equipment
Refrigerated shop display equipment > Cabinets: freezer
Refrigerated shop display equipment > Cabinets: ice cream
Refrigerated shop display equipment > Cabinets: refrigerated flower display
Refrigerated shop display equipment > Cabinets: refrigerated service
Tools and ancillaries
Tools and ancillaries > Adhesives
Tools and ancillaries > Anti-vibration mount
Tools and ancillaries > Hose
Tools and ancillaries > Oils and lubricants
Tools and ancillaries > Pipe couplings & fittings
Tools and ancillaries > Pipe freezing services
Tools and ancillaries > Pipe supports
Tools and ancillaries > Pipes/tubes
Tools and ancillaries > Sealants
Tools and ancillaries > Tapes
Tools and ancillaries > Tools
Tools and ancillaries > Vacuum pumps
Transport > Transport accessories
Valves > Valves: balancing
Valves > Valves: ball
Valves > Valves: check
Valves > Valves: CO2
Valves > Valves: compressor suction and discharge
Valves > Valves: expansion
Valves > Valves: float
Valves > Valves: relief
Valves > Valves: reversing
Valves > Valves: shut-off
Valves > Valves: solenoid
Valves > Valves: three way dual control

John Emm

PO Box 198 ,

Ellesmere Port
CH34 9DR
United Kingdom

Telephone: 0151 345 1988
Fax: 0151 345 1988

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