R32 safe recovery

by Graeme Fox

As many of you know I have been concerned for some time about the introduction of R32 into mainstream use in packaged air conditioning and heat pump systems due to the flammable nature of the gas and...

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Munters Drytainer - Patent Approved - solves humidity related issues, such as sticking product, mould and increased wash downs, in bulk haulage tankers.Munters Drytainer - Patent Approved - solves humidity related issues, such as sticking product, mould and increased wash downs, in bulk haulage tankers.
The road haulage industry has for years searched for a solution to protect bulk powders and sensitive goods such as flour, sugar, salt and chemical goods from damp air and moisture damage in transit. Condensation and humidity related problems cost thousands due to additional cleaning and wash downs, product wastage and increased mould growth.

Take a look at the NEW Matercool 55800 Leak Detector! The 55800 leak detector employs a new metal oxide gas sensor for the detection of chlorofluorocarbon gasses and blends. This tin oxide sensor is characterized by high sensitivity and a fast response, upon detecting the presence of extremely small levels of chlorofluorocarbon gases. Integrated into the design is a powerful microprocessor that automatically selects the best operating conditions for the sensor, to ensure optimum performance. The optimum sensor performance is maintained and monitored throughout the life of the sensor. Meets and exceeds J2791 (R134a) and J2913 (R1234yf). INTRODUCTION PRICE £149

Munters IceDry - A guide to conditioning Cold StoresMunters IceDry - A guide to conditioning Cold Stores
Throughout the world, different cold stores have different configurations, but none can fully resolve a problem common to all cold store operators - FROST! Water and ice create dangerous slippery conditions in the loading dock with ice building up and around the store entrances. Ice also builds up around the inside of the cold store, including the intake to the evaporator coils and the components critical for maintaining products at sub zero temperatures. This creates the need for constant defrosts and stretches the capability of the cooling apacity of your equipment, whislt using a great deal of energy. Safety issues can arise when fog forms around door entrances, cauing poor visibility. Snow accumulates on product, creating the potential for collapsing cases. Ice and snow also build up on cold store ceilings and floots with the potential to fall on people, and form dangerous uneven floors for fork lift trucks carrying loads at speed. The reduced visibility from fog also increases loading times.

Daikin Air ConditioningDaikin Air Conditioning
We are a wholesaler based in the South West of England. We run a busy Trade Counter as well as serving our customer base via our Website and by Mail Order.

AMP celebrates 25 years AMP celebrates 25 years
Since first opening in 1989, AMP has become one of the UK's longest established independent distributors of air conditioning products and 2014 marks our 25th anniversary!

Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Equipment available from stock. FREE next day delivery available on orders over £100 net (UK Mainland) Free phone 0800 328 6283

Mini Lime® & Maxi Lime Mini Lime® & Maxi Lime
The Aspen® Mini Lime & Maxi Lime pumps are completely unique, in both their design and installation advantages. The pumps are clipped directly onto the reservoir so there is minimal suction lift. By connecting the drain hose to the reservoir of the pump unit, condensate water can be pumped away to a suitable drain.

Fujitsu offer a full range of industry-leading VRF systems. From the J-Series Mini VRF System to the V-II Series System, system nominal cooling capacities range from 15.2kW to 135kW and a connectable indoor unit capacity of up to 150%.

Launch of Copeland EazyCool ZX Digital Units  Launch of Copeland EazyCool ZX Digital Units
Emerson are pleased to announce the extension of Copeland EazyCool ZX outdoor condensing unit range by four new models featuring Copeland Scroll DigitalTM compressor technology.

Stream – State of the art semi-hermetic piston technology Stream – State of the art semi-hermetic piston technology
Emerson Climate Technologies has started the production of a family of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors: Stream. Stream provides the industry with a portfolio of technologies: a range of 4 and 6 cylinder compressors for today’s most commonly found HFC refrigerants, a range of Digital semi-hermetic compressors for simple continuous capacity modulation as well as a range designed for CO2 transcritical applications. All models are fitted with CoreSense™ Diagnostics that provides advanced compressor protection and diagnostics.

ZX EazyCool  -  Full Range / Fully EquippedZX EazyCool - Full Range / Fully Equipped
All advantages of Emerson Climate Technologies EazyCool™ ZX condensing units are now available for medium as well as for low temperatures – and a little bit more.

High Pressure CO2 Expansion Valve CX SeriesHigh Pressure CO2 Expansion Valve CX Series
The launch Of High Pressure Expansion Valve Series For CO2 Gascooler Applications By Emerson Climate Technologies The newly launched stepper motor driven valves ensure precise control of R744 refrigerant mass flow in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump applications. The series called CX features a maximum working pressure of 120 bar and can be used as high pressure expansion valve, but also for general control applications such as liquid injection or hot gas bypass control.

ebm-papst UK is a winner at the ACR News Awards 2011ebm-papst UK is a winner at the ACR News Awards 2011
On Thursday 31st March 2011 ebm-papst won the award for 'Marketing Initiative of the Year' for its GreenTech campaign at the ACR News Awards 2011, held at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC.

New CO2 Copeland® Reciprocating and Scroll CompressorsNew CO2 Copeland® Reciprocating and Scroll Compressors
Emerson Climate Technologies presents the Copeland® series of Stream compressors for CO2-transcritical applications. In addition, the ZO series of scroll compressors has been expanded with new models for CO2-subcritical applications. With the combination of these two compressor series Emerson Climate Technologies offers the most energy efficient package available on the market today.

ebm-papst show off new biomaterial fans at Hannover Messeebm-papst show off new biomaterial fans at Hannover Messe
ebm-papst have produced their first innovative biomaterial fans and will be showing them live at the Hannover Messe industrial trade fair from 4th-8th April 2011 in Hall 15 / Stand F29.

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