Tesot refrigeration

No, not like that!

 5 Jan 2015

Why regular servicing is a good idea

An installation in a country far, far away? No, this can be found right here in the UK.  
 17 Mar 2014

Monkey Business

"There you go son, they're not hard to install, are they?" 
 27 Feb 2014

Sharp practice?

A way to deter copper thieves or a security device to ensure only competent personnel service the unit? You decide. 
 30 Aug 2012

A world turned sideways

What appears to be a wall mount installed on the ceiling. An installation in a pub in London's Covent Garden spotted by Stuart Randles of A1-Air Ltd, Bermuda, on a recent visit to the capital. "What about condensate removal," he asks. 
 22 Aug 2012

DIY AC. Don't you just love it?

Well, at least it's not hard to clean the condenser. says contributor Jason Morgan 
 17 Jan 2012

Hinge and bracketry

A novel installation in Spain. Two mounting brackets was obviously out of the question but to open up the ceiling to find a fixing point? 
 11 Jan 2012

Peculiar product placement

Check out these well-placed units. Our reader found them sitting on a water tank and thought it worthy of a place in this website's No! Not like that! page. 
 29 Apr 2010