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Güntner V-SHAPE Compact – powerful and smart

The units of the newly developed V-SHAPE Compact family are available as fluid cooler, condenser and gas cooler and offer maximum capacity on a remarkably small footprint already when operated in dry mode.

The optional HydroPad humidification pad for adiabatic pre-cooling allows for operating refrigerating plants more efficiently, thereby saving money – no water treatment, no intense maintenance works and no wetting of the coil required. The available Güntner Hydro Management GHM pad decides continuously whether applying water or increasing the fan speed is more cost-effective.

The new V-SHAPE Compact units round off the product portfolio of the V-SHAPE families at the lower end with regard to capacity. Each heat exchanger is specifically designed for the fluid HFC, CO2 or water/glycol mixture. The core tube diameters and materials, in combination with the fin geometries, provide the best possible combination of maximum capacity and minimum tube volume. Operated with the optional adiabatic HydroPad pre-cooling system and the wide range of accessories, the V-SHAPE Compact leaves nothing to be desired in its performance category.


The optional adiabatic HydroPad pre-cooling system offers substantial savings. On the one hand, the wetting system can increase the capacity of the unit allowing you to operate smaller units with a reduced footprint without undermining the given capacity requirements. And on the other hand, this option allows for operating all the refrigerating plants more efficiently, thereby saving money. Using the humidification pad, water treatment is not required – simply connect to the drinking water supply, that's it! Only fresh water is applied, there is no recirculation and thus no vapour and no aerosol output. The available Güntner Hydro Management GHM pad monitors operating states for the best adjustment between fan speed and humidification of the pad. In dry operation, the GHM pad ensures the regular drain of the unit and of the supply for hygiene reasons.


The V-SHAPE Compact gas cooler with HydroPad system now offers a solution to push the CO2 equator southwards: The adiabatic pre-cooling of the ambient inlet air significantly reduces the plant's transcritical operating times. Especially in areas where high temperatures and, at the same time, low humidity prevails, the 'adiabatic potential' is huge!


The V-SHAPE Compact coolers are equipped with retractable crane lugs and allow for particularly easy installation and quick mounting. The solid units with their compact casings made of powder-coated, galvanised steel are extensively tested for stability; they are, for instance, subjected to lifting tests to assess the torsional stiffness and to load tests to determine the snow and wind load and the resistance of structures to earthquakes. The capacity ranges from 13 kW up to several hundred kW; this means that CO2 units operated in dry mode can achieve capacities of up to 560 kW. The heat exchangers optimised for this refrigerant are designed for an operating pressure of up to 120 bar as a standard.


Up to four fans are available per unit in AC and EC technology and with a diameter of 630 mm and 800 mm. It goes without saying that every fan complies with the current requirements of the ErP Directive. For every fan variant, we offer the suitable control concept including the intelligent Güntner Hydro Management GHM pad that always choses the most cost-efficient mode of operation and, in wetted operation, always applies only as much water as can evaporate under the respective conditions. Some fan types can also be controlled via voltage (0 – 10 V) or current signal (4 – 20 mA).


The V-SHAPE family provides the common Güntner Compact standard regarding technical accessories such as flange/threaded connections, a ½“ ball valve for ventilation and drain respectively, a multiple circuit coil, an integrated sub-cooler with or without tubing, and epoxy resin-coated fins. In addition, mounted parts such as controls/control panels, safety switches and vibration dampers are also available. What's more, we also offer the adiabatic HydroPad pre-cooling system which is made possible thanks to the V-shape arrangement of the coils. This accessory is the highlight of all the options for this product family.

22 August 2017


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