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Calling all students – and employers

I recently linked up on social media with someone who works through the British Council for an organisation called IAESTE. The acronym meant nothing to me but I was intrigued when I read a couple of posts about student work experience and, wondering if there was any link up potential for our sector, I looked into it further. I was blown away by...

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German firefighters say R1234yf is safe

Published: 29 July 2011 - 00:00
THE German firefighters association has given the all clear to the new refrigerant R1234yf despite continuing opposition to the new gas from German environmental groups over its flammability.
Following consultations with the German automotive industry association, the Deutscher Feuerwehr Verband (DFV) has said it is 'now convinced that the new refrigerant R1234yf has the same safety standards as R134a.'

While R1234yf has been accepted by the motor industry worldwide as the ideal replacement for R134a in car air conditioning systems, there has been continuing concerns raised in Germany as to its flammability and the dangers for car occupants and the emergency services from its toxic products of combustion in the event of a crash.

The DFV described the toxicity of R1234yf as low and comparable to R134a and was safe for passengers and emergency services.

R1234yf has an A2L (mildly flammable) classification as opposed to the non-flammable rating of R134a.

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