Daikin to ditch R410A in favour of flammable R32

JAPAN: Leading air conditioning manufacturer Daikin has announced plans to switch to the 'mildly flammable' low GWP HFC refrigerant R32 from the current R410A.
Daikin to ditch R410A in favour of flammable R32
In a statement from its headquarters in Japan, Daikin says it considers that HFC32 is suitable for split air conditioners and heat pumps. It plans to introduce the refrigerant to all models of residential air conditioners launched in Japan from autumn 2012 and expand its use to all commercial air conditioning equipment in the future.

R32 is a single component, zero ODP gas with a GWP of 550, significantly less than R410A's 1,980. It is classified as A2, or mildly flammable, under ASHRAE classifications. Ironically, R410A is a mixture of R32 and R125 - the R125 suppressing R32's flammability.

Based on its experience as both a refrigerant developer and supplier and as an air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin says it considers HFC32 'to be the most suitable refrigerant for split air conditioners and heat pumps from an investigation that took a comprehensive look at next-generation candidates such as natural and HFC refrigerants. The company has decided to commercialise air conditioning equipment using HFC32.'

Over the last two years Daikin has been repeatedly initiating discussions and recognition activities toward widespread acceptance of HFC32 and included an example of a split system running with R32 at Chillventa in 2010.

It is not yet clear whether Daikin's Ostend factory will also move to R32. ACR News is waiting for a response from Daikin Europe.
1 October 2012


12 June 2017 13:10:21


I m really confused which is better R32 or R410A. I have read many articles regarding this. I m in Chennai. Kindly anyone suggest which is better gas for resident.


Oscar Page
23 December 2016 09:22:53
My A/C unit is with R32, can I replaced it with R410A?
08 April 2016 11:00:22

I am living in Chennai. Since, Chennai is hot, Whether Daikin air conditoners are suitable or not, since R32 gas is used as refgerant in Daikin air conditioners, which is flammable? I would like to have a quick response.

Karl Richardson
09 February 2016 14:06:34

Mildly flammable, not flammable as the headline suggests. Pete Huston is correct in stating that no refrigerant is safe. R32 requires the same approach as other HFC's. It is covered by current UK F-Gas and City and Guilds qualifications. Correct handling, advice and application of R32 will prevent no issues. 

Pete Hutson
12 November 2015 21:57:54

No refrigerant is 100% safe so don't get too carried away.

Main danger is during hard servicing where the refrigerant may be burned in air

Providing that risk is mitigated and appropriate service training is implemented then the refrigerant risk should be manageable

Ir. Jonas Bosman
10 November 2015 08:08:38

Actually, although R32 is mildly flammable, it has zero to none flame propagation, the ignition energy is very high, so practically you could be smoking when there is a leak and still nothing happens. If they were not sure they had 100% safety they would never use it. Don't forget, it's a Japanese company, through their history japanese manufacturers were always the more prodent side of the business

Also the main benefit is not for Daikin, but for the clients and installers, they will be able to reuse and recycle R32 because it will always be 100% R32 and not a mixure of two refrigerants. This was not possible with a mixure because you never knew if the composition was still the same after recycle/leak/...

Dr.Prabodha Kumar Baliarsingh
22 October 2015 20:13:40

In hot climate area HFC32 is not advisable. Because R32 is much more flammable.Daikin Industries is not giving 100% safe in its refrigeration system.

By Mohamed Islam
01 October 2012 01:02:00

R-410A is mixed 50% and 50% by mass. By volume the concentration is around 70% of R32 and 30% of R125.

If the HFC32 is cheaper so Daikin will replace R-410A to HFC32. The product will be safe or not this is always second priority after the commercial issues.

By Neil Afram
01 October 2012 01:01:00
A bit exaggerated statement ? nobody ditching R410A the statement quite clear they will start to use in room air conditioners .... and in Japan. Just for info there will considerably less risk than HC as HC are explosive. Daikin Industries have considerable responsibilities so no switching unless it is 100% safe
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