Daikin launches R32 units in India

INDIA: Daikin Airconditioning India has launched air conditioners using the 'mildly flammable' refrigerant R32.
Daikin launches R32 units in India
This news from India follows a statement from Daikin's headquarters in Osaka last year that it planned to switch to R32 in Japan from the current R410A.

According to The Hindu website, Daikin India is now poised to launch R32 units manufactured at its Neemrana plant in Rajasthan. This was confirmed by Kanwal Jeet Jawa, md of Daikin Airconditioning India, who said in the company's most recent newsletter: 'As the world's No. 1 Air-conditioning company, Daikin is poised to be a game changer in the HVAC space globally with the introduction of the revolutionary refrigerant HFC32 - the most balanced refrigerant on the planet. This patented refrigerant from Daikin offers the low carbon dioxide emission and ozone depletion potential, leading to reduced global warming. Starting 2013, HFC32- based products will be available nationwide.'

This latest announcement is seen as further evidence of a move towards low GWP flammable refrigerants in stationary air conditioning systems. Last year's announcement by Daikin in Japan said it planned to introduce the refrigerant to all models of residential air conditioners launched in Japan from autumn 2012 and expand its use to all commercial air conditioning equipment in the future.

Last month, Honeywell announced the availability of its own low GWP, but mildly flammable, R410A replacement in the shape of Solstice L-41. While promoted as an HFO blend based on 1234ze, L-41 also contains R32.

R32 is a single component, zero ODP gas with a GWP of around 650, significantly less than R410A's 1,980. It is classified as A2, or mildly flammable, under ASHRAE classifications. Ironically, R410A is a mixture of R32 and R125 - the R125 acting merely as a suppressant to R32's flammability.

While Daikin first exhibited an R32 air conditioning unit at the Chillventa exhibition in Germany in 2010, it is not clear when, or if, Daikin will introduce R32 units in Europe. In response to questions from ACR News last year, Daikin Europe said: 'R32 certainly has a potential for the European market, however we have to make sure that all aspects of the product life-cycle, for example training for installers and availability of R32 cylinders are in place before R32 can be launched in Europe. All these aspects take time, so we are not able to tell you at this stage from when we will launch R32 models in Europe.'
12 February 2013


06 April 2017 19:17:37
Hi Sir , I requested to u pls comfirm how much must be there for R32 model weather its 100 or 140, it's an 1.5 ton Ac daikn
23 March 2017 15:01:43

How much pressure is required in running condition and OFF condition for R-32 gas used 1.5ton split  air conditioner compressor (Blue star company )  Thank you sir

mohammed moizuddin
18 March 2017 08:45:13


Split a/c

FTKV 50 NRV16 





HOME:- 9762508145



Depak saha
30 April 2016 08:40:45

sir, i want  R32a back pressure and discharge pressure..?

02 April 2016 03:45:01

Hi Selvaraj, 

I'm planning to buy 2 Split 1.5 tn for my home being socially responsible for environment i would like to Choose r32 but I'm concerned on the safety standards and I'm aware that Daikin would have tested this rigorously. I'm concerned since I've two kids at my home, incase of any leakage / refil doesn't properly happen will it lead to any serious impact. I'm also concerned on the by product mentioned..


Please advice.


Anand (



15 January 2016 02:33:19

sir i have an query that for r32 gas for 1 ton ogeneral split ac which copper tebe pipe should instal.. someone says VRV tube of 15240mm gaze and someone is saying 15000mm ... so i am confused what to do, kindly reply soon.


31 May 2015 19:19:03

hi pls tell me, between R32 & R410 ,safety point of view which is better? it is told R32 is mildy flammable and cause toxic gasses. Is it safe for individual apartment ?


02 March 2015 05:13:59

Ozone need to save not doubt..

R 32 is great.. but how the customer is effected ether by price or by comfort or what way customer will benefit..



Kiran Shrestha
10 January 2015 05:13:17
I have heard that being environment friendly r32 refrigerant is cost effective.So could i get relevant data and analysis to prove that r32 is cost effecient too compared to other refrigerant.
By Selvaraji Muthu
12 February 2013 00:03:00
Hello Mr. Rahul,

R22 is from the HCFC family, having ODP of 0.055 and GWP of 1810, hence marginally they contribute to Ozone depletion and heavily on Global warming, hence the move to use R32, which is of HFC based having ODP=0 (no chlorine) and GWP is about 625, much much better choice. ALso these chemical s were part of mixer in R410a and R41 so many years in usage, hence it is safe , efficient to use. I have an paper cum presentation on refrigerants , which I had prested during ACRECONF-India 2013 International conference, kindly send your email id to my id , let s discuss further.
By Rahul
12 February 2013 00:02:00
Hi, am confused in choosing b/w these two..
Vendor says R-32 is a newer technology and is not tested and acclaimed like the R-22. So which 1 shall i opt for?
By Selvaraji Muthu
12 February 2013 00:01:00
as an R&AC Enigneer, I am very much happy on reading the news about Daikin launches R32 units in India, which is CH2F2, Difluromethane, having ODP=0.000 (no chlorine) and GWP less than 625, and R32 is one of the blend being used in R410a (R125 +R32) and R41 (R1234ze+R32). Let others follow the similar brave decisions and technically superior move to save the Ozone layer and not contributing too much for the Global wamring. Hats off Daikin.
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