2 March 2016

ADCAS points to link between ductwork and indoor air quality

ADCAS (Association of Ductwork Control Contractors and Allied Services) is urging facilities and building managers to focus on ductwork as central to the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

ADCAS (Association of Ductwork Control Contractors and Allied Services) is urging facilities and building managers to focus on ductwork as central to the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Ductwork is a vital element of a building management system which influences energy efficiency and IAQ. Poor IAQ has been linked to Sick Building Syndrome, reduced productivity in offices and impaired learning in schools.

Pollutant sources which cause low indoor air quality are both internal and external. For example, emissions from carpets and photocopiers or contaminants from traffic and industry can all impact on occupants. Ductwork and ventilation are very important for ensuring a good flow of fresh air. This means that keeping ductwork clean and in a good state of repair is crucial.

ADCAS president Malcolm Moss said: 'Cleaning ductwork is something that needs to be scheduled regularly and which needs to be carried out by professionals. It's not simply about indoor air quality, but also about the safety of the building too. Poorly maintained ductwork can be a source of problems when it comes to fire safety.'

ADCAS recently published a Guide to Ductwork Cleaning & Access. The free publication is available from and highlights rules that building managers should be aware of, including the BS EN 15780:2011 British and European Standard which specifies the assessment criteria for the cleanliness and cleaning procedures for both new and existing ductwork.

In addition to providing guidance to building owners, contractors and building managers on the correct cleaning procedures, the guide is also intended to help them adhere to legislation which covers fire safety and installation standards.

Malcolm Moss adds: “Ductwork is a technology that requires consistent monitoring and cleaning to ensure a pleasant and safe indoor environment. Setting out a regular and rigorous cleaning and maintenance schedule for ductwork will not only increase the productivity of occupants, but will also save money in the long-term by helping to prevent absence through sickness.'



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