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Fujitsu Auto Louvre Grilles

Our Auto Louvre Grilles are unique to Fujitsu & fits our Slim duct & new Bulkhead type fan coil units. They Dramatically improve the heating performance & warm up time of a room when compared to a traditional fixed position linear bar grille. These Grilles are Ideal for residential & hotel bedroom applications, and can be spray painted or wrapped (by others) to match any interior décor.

The typical heating performance of a linear grille with fixed bars at approx. 15 degree downward angle, from the floor to ceiling temperature stratification will need longer time to warm the room up to a desired set point.

The heating performance of our Auto Louvre grille will improve floor to ceiling temperature spread & quicker warm up time of the variable angle Auto Louvre grille which is approximately 45 degrees in heating & horizontal in cooling. Depending on the type of attached controller it also has the ability to have a fixed louvre or a “sweep” function just like the louvre on a wall mounted unit.


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