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Fujitsu's New J-IIIL 2-Pipe VRF Range

Fujitsu announce new 2-pipe VRF Heat-Pump outdoor units. Designated J-IIIL, these stand-alone non-modular side-discharge fan models are available in three sizes: 22.4, 28.0 & 33.4kW sizes (8, 10 & 12HP).


Ideal for commercial/light commercial sectors, these low-refrigerant charge (in most cases may not require the extra-cost of a refrigerant-leak-detection system), low-weight (170kg), compact units (only 1,428mm high), with  low-sound level (52dBA for 22.4kW model with potential for further potential 3dBA reduction), and high-connection ratio (up to 30 indoor-units on 33kW model), ductable-outdoor fans (30Pa on 33kW model) and long pipe runs (120m index run, 400m maximum system and 60m from first separation tube to farthest indoor unit).They can also be connected to other manufacturer’s AHU’s via Fujitsu’s DX AHU kit.


Colin Goode (Fujitsu-General UK Product Manager) commented.


“These new units are prefect for built-up and city projects where their compact size, lighter weight and low-noise  characteristics are a real advantage”.


Download your J-IIIL booklet from our Website  





02 November 2017

Click here to find out more about: Fujitsu General Air Conditioning (UK) Ltd
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