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- August 2007

Energy Saving: Recovery is no burden for BOC's Beast 15 August 2007
Said to be the world's fastest refrigerant recovery machine, the "Beast" can recover and clean refrigerant, removing water, oils, acids, sludge and particulates while the refrigeration system continues to operate. Officially called the ZugiBeast, there is just one of these units in the UK, and is in constant use as part of BOC's refrigerant recovery service.

Energy Saving: Closing the door on energy wastage 01 August 2007
WITH approximately 111 million tonnes of the UK’s 659 million tonne carbon footprint being emitted by the food industry and with refrigeration and ac accounting for over 10% of worldwide carbon emissions, sustainable, high-efficiency, low-carbon systems must be produced using material and technologies to safeguard the environment.

Energy Saving: Tesco reclaims heat from refrigerated display cabinets 01 August 2007
TESCO in Clapham Common, London, is the latest high street retailer to take advantage of the cooling and heating benefits of Clivet’s Versatemp systems. Building services consulting engineers ACDP specified Versatemp units for the 24,000ft2 store to meet the space constraints of the building.

Chillers: Free cooling is the order of the day 01 August 2007
With energy efficiency the major topic of conversation, chiller manufacturers are tackling the demands for a lower carbon economy head on says Martin Storey, Tricool Engineering’s 0perations director.

Energy Saving: Reaping the benefits of internet-based controls 01 August 2007
IntroIN THE world of electronics, where developments come at a giddying pace, there is sometimes a benefit to being “new” to the market.

Editors Comment: Prime time for the heat pump 01 August 2007
How do you see the future of the heat pump? It was an unfair question asked of me on my first ever press function when joining this industry way back in the late 70s. Quite frankly, I had no idea what the questioner was on about. I had no idea what a heat pump was. Some sort of domestic central heating circulator perhaps? Either way, I bluffed an enthusiastic answer which was probably completely unconvincing.

SHOP TALK 01 August 2007
A round-up of supermarket news and gossip

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