Vaisala now offers full range of CO2 wall sensors for HVAC applications

Vaisala is pleased to introduce two new temperature and carbon dioxide transmitter models in its GMW80 series: GMW84 and GMW84S with current outputs.

Vaisala now offers a full range of CO2 wall sensors for HVAC applications.

The GMW80 series carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity transmitters are ideal for standard demand-controlled ventilation and for spaces occupied 24/7. They are used in a variety of locations, including office buildings, hospitals, and factories to improve the efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

Vaisala's carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature transmitters use the second-generation CARBOCAP technology and incorporate the Microglow light source technology, patented by Vaisala.

Product manager Lars Stormbom of Vaisala Controlled Environment says: 'The Microglow chip is a silicon MEMS emitter infrared source, which improves the reliability and stability of the transmitters to a new level. We have replaced the traditional filament lamps with this unique low-power light source, which enables better stability and extends its lifetime to 15 years, at least.' All transmitters are manufactured in Finland by Vaisala.

Easy installation and low maintenance costs

Vaisala has designed the sensor in a way that minimises maintenance, further helping to reduce the cost of ownership. The low product life cycle costs are achieved thanks to the second-generation CARBOCAP and the latest Microglow technologies. This leads to superior stability, lower power consumption and at least 15 years of reliable calibration-free operation.

The GMW80 series transmitters are ready for use immediately and they will show correct CO2 readings right away without any adjustment period. Installation takes less than two minutes.

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