SWM bought by Gasco Europe

Leading UK air conditioning supplier SWM Distribution has been acquired by Gasco Europe NV, the Belgium-based seller of refrigerants and refrigeration equipment.
SWM bought by Gasco Europe
Gasco Europe, the parent company of Gasco International, plans to expand SWM's sales team considerably as one of many 'exciting changes'.

Ron Lloyd willl remain SWM's chairman and Paul Taylor has been appointed to the board as sales and marketing director.

A joint purchasing and logistics company, Refrigeration Warehouse Facilities Services Ltd, RWFS, has been set up to manage warehouses for both companies stock thereby taking advantage of greater buying power of the two firms. It will be headed up by Vincent Grymonprez.

As part of the deal, SWM has signed a new distribution agreement with Hitachi and will grow its existing ties with Fujitsu and LG.

With Gasco's experience of the refrigerant market and its manufacturing facilities, SWM are hoping to benefit from major growth in gas sales, with industry leading pricing and service levels.

'This move has come at a perfect time in SWM's development, over the recent years we have enjoyed a success that is well beyond market expectations and to move to the next level requires a substantial investment in infrastructure, stock and most importantly people,' said Paul Taylor SWM's sales & marketing director.

'With the current demand for our own Air² range of Air Conditioning at an all time high it is perfect opportunity to develop and expand,' he added.

Gasco and SWM have already been making use of each other's six UK branches but Paul says there are no plans to merge the two firms.

'We have enjoyed great success in Gasco with refrigerants and components and this acquisition will allow us to become a major force across Europe in all forms of RAC products,' said Patrick Goosens chairman of the Gasco Group.

'With this increased buying power we expect to drive forward the sales of both organisations with a focussed and more attractive product offering', said Vincent Grymonprez General Manager for RWFS Ltd. 'In the future both SWM and Gasco will enjoy a level of stock organisation and supply that will be the vanguard of the industry,' he added.

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