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STULZ presents the new, flexible method of server rack air conditioning: CyberRow cools where the he

At the DataCenter Dynamics 2010 STULZ is presenting its latest innovation: CyberRow. This air conditioning unit is installed directly in the server room between the racks, where its horizontal air flow provides precise, energy-efficient cooling. The major benefit of CyberRow is that it can also be retrofitted regardless of the make of rack installed, so offering greater flexibility of configuration, and making it just the right solution for small rooms too.
STULZ presents the new, flexible method of server rack air conditioning: CyberRow cools where the he
Hamburg, October 2010. Instead of the traditional single cool air flow, distributed through a raised floor, the CyberRow streams cool air to the left and right - directly in front of the server racks: That is the principle on which STULZ is enhancing the means of providing energy-efficient cooling for data centres by way of its patented new CyberRow system, available from January 2011. With this product, STULZ is able to meet a wide variety of needs of data centre operators. Installed directly between the racks, CyberRow blows out cold air horizontally and across the full server rack height to both sides, distributing it evenly and in a targeted manner around the data centre. This is a great benefit in terms of flexibility, because CyberRow is not reliant on building structures such as raised floors to distribute the air, as in the case of conventional air conditioning solutions. Also, the system can be very easily installed in any server room, because it is compatible with virtually every make of rack. That makes CyberRow the right choice when retrofitting and installing specifically targeted additional cooling, and the ideal solution for rooms in which conventional systems cannot be used due to the building design. An additional benefit is that CyberRow cools right where the heat is generated and the air is transported over shorter distances. This means the system can be targeted closely where it is needed, over-dimensioning can be avoided, and energy saved.

Four chiller systems for flexible cooling concepts
For even greater flexibility, STULZ offers this direct rack cooler in two sizes. Units are available in sizes of 1950h x 400w x 1175d millimetres and 1950h x 600w x 1175d millimetres, and with capacities of 24 to 55 kW.
CyberRow is available in four cooling variants. It offers two purely DX systems with compressor cooling as well as a hybrid system whereby a water-cooled coil is added to the DX system. The water-cooled coil is connected to a recooling heat exchanger installed outside of the building. As soon as the ambient temperature permits, the unit switches from cost-intensive compressor mode to the more resource-conserving Indirect Free Cooling mode via the recooling heat exchanger. In addition to the DX systems, chilled water cooled CW variants are also offered.

Cleverly designed, easily integrated
CyberRow works as an A, G and GE system with energy-efficient inverter-controlled scroll compressors which can be infinitely adjusted according to the required load. The speeds of the A/C unit's three EC fans are also infinitely adjustable. In standard operation the fans run in parallel at low load, in order to minimize power consumption. This also enables them to respond rapidly to varying cooling system demands.
All the key functions of the A/C unit are controlled by the C2020 controller. The unit can be connected via an interface to any commonly used building services management system.

Convenient control and monitoring
The C2020 microprocessor responds to changes in rack conditions and keeps all the systems active components in balance. It monitors real time conditions through six temperature sensors with three mounted in the supply air and three in the return, for closed-loop cooling in three independent vertical zones. The EC fans are then modulated as a function of the temperature difference to precisely meet the cooling demands of the server racks.

About STULZ GmbH Klimatechnik
Since its foundation in 1947, the STULZ company has evolved into one of the world's leading system suppliers of air-conditioning technology. With the manufacture of precision air-conditioning units and chillers, the sale of air-conditioning and humidification systems and service and object management, this division of the STULZ Group achieved a turnover of around 300 million Euro in 2009. Since 1974 the group has seen continual international expansion of its air-conditioning technology business, specialising in A/C for data processing centres and telecommunications installations. STULZ employs 1,600 workers in Germany and across twelve subsidiaries (in France, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, China, India, South Africa, Australia and the USA). Additionally, the company co-operates with sales and service partners in more than 100 other countries, and therefore boasts an international network of air-conditioning specialists. It has production plants in Germany, Italy, the USA, China and India. The STULZ Group employs over 4,000 people worldwide. Current turnover lies at around some 700 million Euro.

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