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REAL Alternatives to hold live webinar event

The REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE team will be holding a series of webinars on 28 May for exploring how training needs have been addressed by the sector.

In 2017, partners came together to plan an e-learning and train the trainer programme to change attitudes towards the use of low GWP alternative refrigerants in Europe including Flammables (HC and HFO), Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia.  Three years on and the programme now offers not only a comprehensive set of e-learning modules but also information booklets, study days and technician training – it is available in 15 different languages with no less than 19 national leads supporting it all over Europe and increasingly, beyond.

The day will give an insight into the challenges that have been addressed and the successful outcomes including over 500 REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE certificates delivered since the launch of the programme and nearly 5000 independent learners. It will also be an ideal opportunity to hear from those involved in the development of REAL Alternatives and to ask your question about the programme and/or alternative refrigerants. The draft programme is as follows:


Session 1 – 10.20-11.50

10.30  Welcome and introduction from Session 1: Chair Marco Buoni, ATF, REAL Alternatives Partner

10.40 The RACHP Sector and European environmental policy background:  Luca Conti AREA

10.45 Project Partners - Why they got involved, what they did and why this has been important for their country

10.50 Institute of Refrigeration – Miriam Rodway

11.00 UC Limburg – Walter Reulens

11.10 IKKE – Karsten Beermann

11.20 Prozon

11.30 AREA - Olivier Janin

11.40 Questions and Discussion

11.50 Close of Session 1


Session 2 – 12.20 -13.30

12.30 Welcome and introduction from Session 2 Chair: Alex Paurine and Graeme Maidment, LSBU, REAL Alternatives Partner. How attitudes and experience of low GWP refrigerants are changing.

12.40 REAL Alternatives training impact across Europe

12.40 Aeres Tech- The Netherlands - Roelof Robbertsen

12.50 SOSIAD - Turkish Association of Refrigeration Industry and Businessmen - Kadir Isa

13.00 SCHKT – Czech RAC Technical Group – Stephan Stojanov

13.10 Estonian Environmental Research Centre - Stanislav Štõkov

13.20 Questions and Discussion

13.30 Close of Session 2


Session 3 - 14.20 - 15.50

14.30 Welcome and introduction to Session 3: Chair Didier Coulomb, IIR, REAL Alternatives Partner, the Global Perspective on growth in interest in Alternative Refrigerants and Refrigeration Contribution to Global Economy/Environment

14.40 National Commitment to improving training

14.50 REAL Alternatives training impact across Europe

14.50 CNI – National Confederation of RAC Installers, Spain - Blanca Gómez García-Verdugo

15.00 SZCHKT – Slovakian RAC Technical Group– Peter Tomlein

15.10 HRKT – Croatian Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Association - Tonko Curko

15.20 Educational Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum, Armenia - Liana Ghahramanyan

15.30 Questions and Discussion

15.40 Close of Session 3


Session 4 – 16.10-17.15

16.10 Training Centre Tours and/or Training Videos Session 4: Introduction by Miriam Rodway, Institute of Refrigeration, Partner

16.10 UCL training tour (or a selection of real alternative training videos)

16.20 Prozon training tour (or a selection of real alternative training videos)

16.30 ATF training tour (or a selection of real alternative training videos)

16.40 IKKE training tour (or a selection of real alternative training videos)

16.50 Final Questions Panel with all Partners

17.15 Close


To find out more about the programme and book, visit

To find out more about the REAL Alternatives programme and how you can get involved either by signing up for the e-learning or delivering training in your area see


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