Montreal protocol's birthday deal quickens HCFC phase-out

Nearly 200 countries have agreed to accelerate the Montreal Protocol treaty to freeze and phase out HCFCs.
Montreal protocol
On Friday, September 21, representatives of 191 countries met in Montreal and agreed to accelerate phaseouts of HCFCs from 2009.

Developed countries agreed to reduce production and consumption 10 years earlier than previously promised, with final phase out in 2020.

Developing countries will cut production and consumption by 10% in 2015 with a final phase-out in 2030, also 10 years sooner than planned.

Europe is already way ahead of these countries with a complete HCFC phase out agreed by 2015. Europe also previously pledged not to use virgin refrigerant after 2010 and will instead only use recycled HCFCs.

The Montreal Protocol was negotiated twenty years ago, this month to cut back on chemicals blamed for destroying the ozone layer including HCFCs used in some refrigerators and air conditioners.

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