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Mark provides cooling for candle factory

Mark Climate Technology has provided cooling for the Parcan BV factory in The Netherlands.

As one of the larger European candle producers, Parcan BV uses large and modern machinery. Together with the paraffin, this causes a high heat emission, which results in high indoor temperatures in the summer months. Mark Climate Technology took up the challenge to extract the hot air, in return for fresh cool air.

The delivery consisted of a Mark AHU20-20 air handling unit with DX cooler. To enlarge the cooling effect, the principle of ventilation displacement was used. By bringing in the cool air at a low speed to floor level, the cooling power is fully absorbed by the production machines and the paraffin. The warm and polluted air will rise during this process and can be discharged up high in the building.

During the heatwave this summer the air at floor level was 16°C, at production level 22°C and high in the building (where no one is around) the temperature was up to 30°C.

By supplying air according to the principle of ventilation displacement, the cooling power is used in the most effective way, making this system highly effective.


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