3 February 2014

IoR aims to boost awareness of refrigerant leaks at ACR Show

The Institute of Refrigeration is launching an info-blitz at the forthcoming ACR Show 2014 to raise awareness of the vital importance of cutting refrigerant leaks from refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
IoR aims to boost awareness of refrigerant leaks at ACR Show
Its programme of expert briefings, which take place next week, from 11-13 February, at the NEC in Birmingham, is aimed at the industry and end users and will build on the organisation's award-winning REAL Zero campaign.

Industry experts, including John Ellis, Jane Gartshore, Gordon Adams, Graeme Maidment, Steve Benton and Glen Moore, will provide free briefings to visitors on key issues related to refrigerant leakage and how to prevent and minimise it.

Topics include:
· Leaks and leak detection - how to get the best out of your leak detector and locations of the most common leaks;
· Are you using the right copper tube for your refrigerant?
· Common causes of compressor failure - and how to avoid them;
· REAL Zero - preventing and finding leaks of alternative refrigerants, R744, HCs, R32 and HFOs;
· Understanding pH diagrams for diagnosing faults and improving system operation;
· Pressure testing for strength and leak tightness and how Gay-Lussac helps!
· Indirect leak testing for air conditioning units.

The organisation is also staging a series of highly practical sessions aimed at service engineers, enabling them to refresh their skills and test current knowledge.

Visitors can take an optional test at the end of presentations to gain an IOR Certificate of Continuing Professional Development, useful for career development.

The talks will include hands-on demonstrations and exercises, supported by IOR technical guides.

IOR members and Service Engineers can reserve their place in advance. Visitors will also be able to sign up or walk-in on the day to individual sessions if places are available.

Miriam Rodway, secretary of The Institute of Refrigeration, said: 'We are looking forward to what promises to be a really exciting event. Our members are always keen to attend and catch up with the latest news and technical issues. Many non-members also visit us at the show to enquire about joining. We expect our stand to be a hub of activity.'

The show is the only national exhibition dedicated to the UK air conditioning and refrigeration industry, and is backed by leading air conditioning supplier and headline sponsor, Daikin UK.

The exhibition features more than 100 leading companies, and has a high profile technical and business seminar programme - free to visitors - taking place on the show floor.

To register for the show visit:

For details of the Institute of Refrigeration briefings visit

For details on exhibiting contact Jan Thorpe on 01622 699 113, or Karena Cooper on 01622 699150 (email or

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