HVCA president bites back at government over failure to enforce Part L

HVCA president John Miller has challenged the government to police changes introduced last year to Part L of the building regulations.
HVCA president bites back at government over failure to enforce Part L
The Part L revisions introduced tighter energy efficiency requirements for h&v projects in new and existing buildings. This involved more work that must be notified to local authority building control for inspection and approval and the development of Competent Persons schemes allowing qualified contractors to self-certify their work as complaint with the regulations.

The HVCA fears a lot of illegal work is being carried out because of the governement's failure to police the scheme.

“The HVCA’s disquiet arises from the fact that - having put such enlightened and environmentally responsible legislation in place - the Government seems unable, or unwilling, to enforce it,” said Mr Miller.

His comments come after many HVCA members reported that building control departments were quite deliberately turning a blind eye when it came to policing the new regulations.

“Our representations on this key issue to the Department for Communities and Local Government have so far gone unrewarded,” the president insisted.

“Government must put its house in order on an issue that has massive implications not only for engineering services, not only for construction, but - ultimately - for the nation and the planet.

“Positive action must be taken now,” Mr Miller said. “The new regulations have teeth. Now they must be made to bite.”

John Miller was speaking at the HVCA president’s luncheon at the British Association of Film and Television Arts on September 13.

Mr Miller reminded his audience of HVAC professionals, other construction industry body representatives and trade press that there was a need for all parties to the supply chain to acknowledge the extent to which their interests were inextricably linked.

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