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HFC phase down must not compromise system efficiency

UK government support for a proposal to negotiate a phase down of HFC use must not ignore system energy efficiency and the option of choosing the most appropriate refrigerant for the acr industry, says ACRIB.
Industry agrees that direct emissions from the use of HFC refrigerants which have a high GWP need to be curbed. However, ACRIB says in order to make the substantial cuts in carbon emissions for the sector required, a policy which 'takes into account total emissions (i.e. both indirect emissions through energy use and direct emissions through leakage), is necessary. By focusing on restrictions on one specific refrigerant fluid, there is a risk that the industry will be forced into making system design decisions which compromise system efficiency - and therefore contribute to increased carbon emissions in the long term'.

ACRIB is also concerned that by 'phase down' most system operators are likely to believe it means 'phase out'. (Phase down has been defined by government officials as a move which would allow exemptions for certain critical applications and a reduction in manufacture and supply accordingly and is not a complete ban on use.)

ACRIB said:'Many end users are considering their options with regard to the soon to be phased out ODS refrigerants in their existing equipment and are looking for certainty in their options rather than more restrictions. System operators need to be confident that efficient equipment installed in the next few years can continue to be used and serviced cost effectively throughout its lifetime'.

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