30 April 2012

Daikin set to launch VRV lV

DAIKIN is set to launch its fourth generation VRV offering variable refrigerant temperature, continuous heating on heat pump and simplified commissioning.
Daikin set to launch VRV lV
According to Daikin Europe, the new VRV IV heat pump units are being launched officially next month and will be available to buy from October 2012, with the heat recovery units becoming available in March 2013.

Variable refrigerant technology allows the installer to customise the system using a choice of presets, to optimise the energy and comfort balance for the individual project. In automatic mode, the system is configured for the highest efficiency levels throughout the year, while allowing rapid response on the hottest days, ensuring comfort at all times. This technology delivers a 25% increase in seasonal efficiency, because the system continually adjusts the refrigerant temperature according to the total required capacity and the external weather conditions.

For example, at times of the year when little cooling is needed, the room temperature is already close to the setpoint. So a small difference between room and refrigerant temperature is sufficient for the system to operate effectively. Therefore, the system will change its refrigerant temperature from 6° (the current standard in the market) to a higher temperature. As a result, less energy is needed and seasonal efficiency is improved significantly.

The ability to provide continuous heating during defrost is said to make VRV IV the best heat pump alternative to traditional heating systems. This is achieved in VRV IV through a special heat accumulating element for the defrost function.

Another improvement is the VRV configurator, a piece of software which simplifies commissioning and customisation. According to Daikin, this will mean less time on the roof configuring the outdoor unit and ongoing maintenance will be easier too, thanks to a graphical interface that allows engineers to evaluate operational data and errors. The VRV configurator also allows multiple systems within multiple sites to be managed all in exactly the same way, thus offering simplified commissioning for key accounts.

To complement the VRV IV system, Daikin's new Intelligent touch manager offers an intuitive user interface with a visible floorplan, which can manage up to 2560 groups of indoor units and provides energy management tools to maximise efficiency.

The VRV IV system can be used together with a wide range of ventilation units, hot water hydroboxes, Biddle air curtains and Daikin's latest round-flow cassettes.

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