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Cryogenically-chilled mayo proves good enough to eat

Super fast and continuous chilling of mayonnaise, sauces and pastes is possible thanks to Air Products' continuous sauce chiller which passed German taste tests.
Cryogenically-chilled mayo proves good enough to eat
Air Products, a leading cryogenic gas, equipment and services supplier says its cryogenic chilling system can chill mayonnaise in seconds - a clear advantage over the standard chilling process.

Developed as an alternative to existing mechanical chilling systems, this new chilling solution has been tested though longevity trials at Heinrich Kühlmann GmbH & Co KG, a leading producer of gourmet salads.

This week, the company announced excellent results achieved for a range of mayonnaises with different fat contents, chilled to different temperatures. Due to the rapid chilling associated with the liquid nitrogen solution, product shelf-life improvements have been achieved.

Markus Kleinjohann, production manager at Kühlmann GmbH & Co KG, said: 'The Freshline Continuous Sauce Chiller provides us with a viable alternative to batch chilling systems, with the key benefit being the speed of temperature reduction. By using the Continuous Sauce Chiller we have also reduced manual handling of the product associated with the previous chilling method. These benefits are particularly relevant during summer - exactly the time we ramp up mayonnaise production'.

'The system is ideal for food processors that either manufacture sauces and pastes or add them to their end product,' said Ann Callens, Air Products' European business development manager of food and cryogenics.

'This new chiller can extend chilling capacity and make their, production more flexible. It can be integrated with existing equipment and, thanks to its compact size, can be positioned within limited floor space', she added.

The company has annual revenues of $9 billion, operations in over 40 countries and over 20,000 employees around the globe.

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