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Cooling shapes the future

I am always reminded at this time of year just how significant the ACR industry is to our everyday lives. It is often said that as an industry our contribution to modern society is taken for granted.

After all, without cooling technology, it would be very difficult these days to sit down to a traditional Christmas lunch and yet how few diners will even give it a thought. Now, for those that indulge themselves over this festive period, cooling can once again step forward to assist with the after effects of the excesses of seasonal over-indulgence.

I heard recently of an FDA-approved, non-invasive body sculpting technique called Cryolipolysis that has been around since mid-2009. It employs controlled cooling for local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours based upon the findings by doctors Dieter Manstein and R Rox Anderson.

During the process, the skin is drawn into a cup with a strong vacuum and subjected to low temperature (around +4°C). After the procedure, the cooled fat cells begin to shrink and are then digested over time (six to eight weeks) via the body’s natural processes and purged through the liver.

The procedure is billed as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and apparently works just as well for men as for women when applied to love-handles, thighs and arms.

It is said that immediately after the cooling apparatus is removed, the body fat can be seen as a solid mass with an appearance not unlike a frozen slab of meat straight from the freezer. This is then eased back into the body with gentle massage.

Whilst this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it has to be said that this is yet another novel application of ACR technology. Whether it is for the benefit of society as a whole however is debatable.

So, raise a glass (no need to worry about those extra calories) to this wonderful industry that touches the lives of so many, in so many astonishing ways. Seasonal greetings to you all.
View User Profile for SteveGill Steve Gill has worked in the ACR industry for over 30 years as a contractor and consultant. He is a member of the Institute of Refrigeration Executive Council and a former Director of ACRIB. He was the winner of the ACR News `Consultant of the Year Award` in 2011, 2013 and 2014.
Posted by Steve Gill 19 December 2011 09:22:15 Categories: Fresh Talk


By Jason
19 December 2011 09:31:15
Interesting Blog. I am suprised that there haven't been any butt jokes yet from anyone.
Joking aside, as you point innovation in the industry is all around us and yet it is never held in the high esteem that it is in other industries.
Steve, keep flying the flag for the industry and thank you ACR News for bringing us news and opinion in equal measure.

By T. Price
19 December 2011 09:30:15
A very interesting read. It is the first time that I have heard of Cryolipolysis. It is nice to hear of something new for a change and not just read about F-Gas or natural refrigerants.
I agree, as an industry we are not appreciated; your previous blog on the New Year's Honours List highlighted the same. I guess there won't be any difference this coming year, unless you and Neil are Knighted!
A Happy New Year to you and all at ACR News.
By Bob
19 December 2011 09:29:15
I have heard of burning the fat, but never cooling it.
I can't imagine Jane Fonda saying "go for the cool".
Happy New Year
By Mark Jones
19 December 2011 09:28:15
Cooling is an essential element of every day modern life which is often taken for granted. You describe a new (to me at least) application of cooling. There are of course, a great many more. Now there is heating as well, through heat-pump technology.
Steve, I will be happy to raise a glass with you and the rest of this wonderful industry - Cheers.
Happy New Year.
By Mark Hayward
19 December 2011 09:27:15
Here's a study I was helping a physicist customer with recently; re: high calorific Water Diet.

By definition, 1 BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the amount of energy required to raise 1 lb of water 1 deg F.

Mass of 1 Imperial gallon (Ig) of water is approximately 8.34 pounds (4,55 litres/ Ig). So, you'd need 8.34 BTU to increase 1 Ig of water one degree F.

The amount of time isn't important. Whether you heat the water slowly or quickly doesn't matter. You will still use 8.34 BTU of thermal store energy to raise the temperature of a gallon of water 1 degree F.

Water at room temperature has a heat capacity of 4.18 J/g degC, & a density of 1g/mL. 1 litre of water equates to 1 kg of water @ STP.

If the change in temperature is 1 deg C, and there's 1 kg of water, and specific heat capacity's 4.18,,,

Q = T

Q = 1000 x 4.18 x 1 = 4180 J

So you'll need to burn an additional 8,360 J of heat energy x 27 K (Kelvin *) = 226 kJ required to raise 2 litres of ambient water through UK sub floor temperature; typically +10 degC to body temperature +37 degC.

Think about pre~cooling it in your fridge. I think it changes it's molecular structure too a bit like magnetising it when it's chilled & you'll burn more of your energy & thermal storage capacity.
By Snow Man
19 December 2011 09:26:15
If this procedure is going to replace liposuction, does this mean that they will have to remake Fight Club ? Now theres a chilling thought.
Merry Christmas
By Tiny Tim
19 December 2011 09:25:15
Steve, I think you have hit on something very big here. The potential is huge . Thank you for this informative blog regarding a growth element within the industry. I expect that it will expand to meet a growing demand. I imagine that the treatment comes with a hefty bill as the specialist equipment must be large outlay for the practitioner. However, as the opportunities are enormous , the sizable chuck for the cooling equipment would quickly be recovered. When the financial gains are weighed-up , the investment doesn t seem so heavy .
I also agree that as an industry our services are under acknowledged. To change this would be a mammoth task. We are not a massive industry when compared to others but the applications for cooling technology are vast as you and others rightly point out. Our contribution to modern society is immeasurable .
Steve, thank you for your substantial contribution to the industry, writing a regular blog must be a gigantic task. As John S said, in an earlier comment, I hope we can read more of your great blogs in the future.
Sorry if this comment is a bit bulky , but when trying to cover such a giant topic, it proved difficult to keep it compact . I hope that my frivolous contribution, does not make light of this colossal subject, and is in keeping with the tone of your blogs. There is always a solid message beneath the layers of humour.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
By Jim Taylor
19 December 2011 09:24:15
.."raise a glass"

Cheers...Seasons Greetings to all. Hope for a successful New Year for all involved in ACR. Even those in the fat reduction side of the industry
By John S
19 December 2011 09:23:15
Merry Christmas Steve. Nice, fun, light-hearted blog from you this time but with a serious message as usual.
Cooling plays such an important part of our lives but it is usually taken for granted. This has been a consistent message in several of your blogs.
When we do raise a glass during this festive season we should also remember that this industry has paid for it as well. It puts the bread on many people's tables in more ways than one.
Hope we can see more blogs from you in 2012. Happy New Year
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