Chillventa: Day Two Roundup

This sixth Chillventa exhibition marks 10 years since the first event, and in this landmark year, the exhibition has exceeded 1,000 exhibitors. As of lunchtime today, footfall was on track to exceed 34,000 visitors from around the world.

Emerson is focusing on Edge technologies to provide faster data processing resulting in real time data analytics and system optimisation which in turn will maximise efficiency and reduce total cost ownership. Products that support this are being promoted on the Emerson stand including its next generation CoreSense Technology for the Stream series of semi-hermetic compressors. Emerson CoreSense is a technology for Copeland compressors to monitor, store and interpret data measured inside the compressor in order to enhance the reliability and operational performance of HVACR systems. Next generation CoreSense features a compact design with a base board and plug-in modules all contained in the existing compressor electrical box. The base board, equipped with current, discharge temperature and oil sensors, provides advanced protection and diagnostics. The plug-in modules have additional functionalities such as Modbus, bluetooth for wireless communication, liquid injection control, which will be increasingly required with future refrigerants, dynamic envelope monitoring for safer system operation and digital modulation control

Also on display are solutions for single and multiple circuit integral display cases with R290, which include both variable speed compression technology for single circuit integral display cases with higher refrigerant charge and fixed speed compression technology for multiple circuit integral display cases with low refrigerant charge, as well as matching flow controls, electronics and monitoring systems.

Climalife is celebrating its 20-year anniversary and offering an on-stand competition to take a crazy picture of a hidden owl and posting it on Twitter. #findingowly?

Bacharach is showcasing the MGS-400 Series Refrigerant Gas Detector for commercial and industrial refrigerant and gas leak monitoring applications. Users can interface with the device using a mobile app, making configuration and maintenance simple and intuitive. Reducing commissioning and installation time, the MGS-400 delivers on efficiency and cost savings while allowing for plug-and-play, pre-calibrated sensor installation and replacement in the field. Simple installation and maintenance eliminates the need for lengthy, in-field calibration procedures that require multi-meters and manual adjustment of potentiometers.

Invertek Drives has launched its new Coolvert variable frequency drive (VFD). One of the smallest in its class, the solution has been designed to help OEMs reduce panel space where space is at a premium, and lower machine costs. The Coolvert VFD features a wide operating range of between -20 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius, and is compatible with all motor types including induction motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless DC motors, synchronous reluctance motors and Line Start PM motors between 1.5-11kW and 2-15HP. It has single and three-phase input of 200-480V, and the open Modbus RS485 communication ensures seamless connection to any external application controller, affording the OEM complete freedom to choose which components to use. 

Mike Carmen, international business development manager at Invertek Drives, said: 'Coolvert's wide voltage and power range and open RS485 Modbus serial port allows the OEM to seamlessly connect any manufacturer's application controller to the drive. Its compact design, one of the smallest in the market, makes it an ideal solution for machine builders who have limited panel space and want complete system design flexibility.'

Systemair is presenting its new generation of VRF systems which boast increased efficiency as the result of numerous technical innovations, including improved compressors, condensers and the new energy management system. With a capacity range from 25-270kW, extended operating limits (cooling up to +43 degrees Celsius/heating up to -23 degrees Celsius outdoor temperature), and the ability to connect up to 53 indoor units to one outdoor unit, the SYSVRF2 can be used for a wide range of applications. The system is available as a standard version (25.2-90kW) and as a modular version for large projects (25.2-270kW) with up to 64 indoor units.

An additional plate heat exchanger ensures sub-cooling of the refrigerant and leads to a significant increase in system performance. The control of EXV and fan speed by the pressure sensor, compressor backup, merged electrical components and real-time monitoring of the refrigerant charge depending on capacity, pressure and temperature guarantee high reliability. New night silent modes with limited fan and/or compressor frequency and EVI technology (100 percent heating capacity at -5 degrees Celsius) provide enhanced comfort, while automatic refrigerant charging simplifies installation.

The focus for Chemours is to transition systems, prepare and educate customers for the 2021 phase down, paying particular attention to A2L refrigerant gases and their particular properties. On stand, Chemours is showcasing its A1 refrigerant Opteon XP10 (R513A) as a replacement for R134a as well as an expanded range of systems including multi-room low temperature systems where ambient temperature can be a challenge. With a low GWP of around 630, XP10 is a non-ozone depleting HFO suitable for both new and retrofit, offering a similar capacity and energy efficiency to match R134a. Its thermodynamic properties make it a possible option for low temperature refrigeration systems.

\Finally, chiller manufacturer Petra says it is concentrating on digitalisation, with apps enabling both product selection and product communication due out by the end of 2018.



















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