Boreholes to cool MPs' hot air at Westminster

HAVING given up on the idea of using hot air emitted by politicians to power the Houses of Parliament, a new plan suggests using a borehole to cool air in debating chambers.
A borehole is to be drilled in Black Rod's garden, according to plans created on the order of the Serjeant at Arms and Black Rod by BDP Sustainability, a firm of engineers and architects.

The plan is part of a sustainability project expected to cost at least £20m.

The project will also include the drilling of a 120m borehole into London's chalk aquifer to provide pure drinking water, erecting a 35 metre wind turbine in Victoria Gardens and submerging 50 three metre hydroturbines in the Thames.

The Houses Of Commons administration committee is scheduled to consider the plans early next year.

Rather than conventional air conditioning, Westminster's Portcullis House has a cooling system that already uses a borehole.

The Palace of Westminster aims to reduce CO2 by 8% by 2012 and 16% by 2020, but the feasibility study shows only a 29% reduction by 2020 is possible.

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