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- October 2009

Data Centre Cooling: Reducing the energy load 01 October 2009
THE key to reducing the cooling load in server rooms is to integrate the best technology in the most efficient way, says George Hannah, development manager of Airedale

Data Centre Cooling: Taking advantage of free cooling 01 October 2009
AS chillers and close control units are optimised to make more effective use of free cooling, there is a need for specifiers to take a fresh look at their designs. Dean Ward of Walter Meier (Climate UK) explains how these principles apply to data centres

Editorial: Has something gone off in the fridge? 01 October 2009
RECENT stories of exploding domestic fridges raise a number of serious safety concerns for society generally and for this industry in particular.

Supermarket refrigeration: Zero tolerance on leaks 01 October 2009
Steve McMahon, UK retail sales manager at refrigerant monitoring experts Parasense, takes a look at the importance of leak detection equipment in the fight to reduce harmful emissions

Supermarket Refrigeration: HFCs reduced as Waitrose shelves CO2 for 'greener' future 01 October 2009
IN what has been seen as a ground-breaking move, Waitrose has announced its intentions to use hydrocarbon refrigerants in all its new stores and refurbs. Neil Everitt looks at the reasons for the decision and how the system will work

Editorial: Passive ventilation? Who's kidding who? 01 October 2009
IT IS not unusual for a basically righteous cause to instil such zealous, rigid beliefs in its followers that, unwittingly, the cause risks becoming morally skewed. When reasoned argument and basic morality are ignored in the headlong rush to reach an ideological goal, it is perhaps time to apply a little pressure to the brake before we all plunge headlong into the chasm.

Data Centre Cooling: Chipping away at energy consumption 01 October 2009
WITH the energy consumption of datra centres set to double by 2011, the need to come up with ever more efficient cooling systems is paramount, as Wayne Rose, marketing manager of Armstrong, explains.

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