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- March 2006

SHOP TALK 01 March 2006
A round-up of supermarket news and gossip

Editors Comment: Fudge: the refrigerant of choice 01 March 2006
I USED to jokingly suggest that the answer to the quest to find a suitable non ozone depleting, non global warming, non toxic, non flammable refrigerant, probably lay somewhere unexpected – like liquid fudge! Little did I realise that a piece of European legislation designed to limit the effects of refrigerants on the environment, could one day be described as just that – a fudge.

Computer Room Cooling: Split Ps ....and Qs 01 March 2006
While split systems are often used in small computer server rooms, correct sizing and system design is of paramount importance, writes Gerry Hooper, technical director of EDC International

Refrigerants: The drop-in centre 01 March 2006
Drop-in replacements enable users to replace CFC and HCFC refrigerants with minimum inconvenience and cost while not losing out on performance

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