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16 December 2019

Air Conditioning Service Quality research survey

’Thermal Comfort’ is defined by ASHRAE as a “condition of mind that expresses satisfaction with the ‘thermal environment’”. This broadly comprises of the following 6 personal and local environmental factors: Personal Thermal Factors: 1 - Metabolic Rate 2 - Clothing Insulation Local Environmental Thermal Factors: 3 - Air Temperature (Ta) influencing heat transfer through evaporation and convection 4 - Mean Radiant Temperature (Tr) influencing heat transfer through evaporation 5 - Relative air velocity (v) influencing heat transfer through radiation 6 - Water vapour pressure in ambient air (Pa) influencing heat transfer through evaporation and convection However, due to the following variations there will always be a given percentage of people within buildings environment that are dissatisfied e.g. you cannot please all the people all the time: Personal Variations: 7 - Physiological Factors - Skin Temperature (Tsk), Core or Internal Temperature (Tcr), Sweat Rate, Skin Wettedness (w), Thermal Conductance (K) between the core and skin. 8 - Psychological Factors - Personal Expectations Therefore reducing variation by achieving customer (and user) personal expectations of Air Conditioning Service Quality is essential to improving satisfaction and loyalty

This research project aims to produce a Best Practice Industry Benchmark that companies can use to compare their own Service Quality Dimensions, Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty results with.


The research forms part of Shaun Green's MBA qualification at Henley Business School, part of the University of Reading.


This questionnaire is scheduled to be active in 2020 once there are more than 50 registered participants and a registration form is being used to monitor sufficient participation before it goes live. We will notify participants once the survey is live.


During the survey people will be presented with information relevant to Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty and asked to answer some questions about it.


Responses are confidential and individual respondents will not be identified by name or organisation in the final report.

The study is estimated to take around 15-20 minutes to complete, and people will receive a copy of the final report for their participation.??


If you would like to discuss this research, please e-mail Shaun Green at or

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