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12 April 2019

"RS" series of Drop-in zero ODP refrigerants

All of the "RS" series of refrigerants are non ozone depleting with a safety classification of A1 and can be used both with traditional lubricants (e.g. mineral and alkyl benzene oils) and the new synthetic lubricants such as polyolnesters. They provide a simple & low cost method of switching away from CFCs & HCFCs including the interim ozone depleting blends. Brief summary of these novel refrigerants:

RS-24 (R426A)

Particularly effective as a replacement for R12 in mobile air conditioning, but can also be used across the range of applications where R12 was commonly found. Also replaces R401A (MP39), R405A, R406A, R409A (FX56), R413A (Isceon 49/MO-49), R414A, R414B (Hot Shot), R416A.

RS-44 (R424A)

Suitable to replace R22 in air conditioning applications across the range of equipment, and can be used in systems with a capillary as well as an expansion device. Also replaces R411B, R415A, R418A.

RS-45 (R434A)

Potential option for OEMs and can also be used to replace R22 across the range of applications and temperatures including air conditioning and low temperature refrigeration. RS-45 is a capacity match for R22 but should not be used in systems with a capillary.

RS-50 (R442A)

Low GWP replacement for R404A, R507 & R22 in refrigeration.

RS-52 (R428A)

Essentially RS-52 is similar to R507 in its performance, has similar pressures & is near azeotropic with a glide of <1°C. RS-52 has been designed as a replacement for R502 and the interim ozone depleting blends (e.g. R402A, R408A, R403B etc), but is also an excellent replacement for R22 at low temperatures where the system is designed to withstand R502 pressures. Also replaces R402A (HP80), R402B (HP81), R403B (69L), R408A (FX10) & R41

RS-70 (R453A)

Lowest GWP Drop-in replacement for R22 on the market. Replaces R22 at high and low temperature.



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