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09 August 2010


All-in-One is supplied in the most cost-effective version installed on cables.

When using the All-in-One solution on
a FabricAir® system, the ducts are kept
open and stretched out even when the air
is turned off. Furthermore, this solution
ensures that starting up the system causes
a minimum of strain, which is not always
the case with a duct that is hanging deflated.
A flat duct (classic) is closed, meaning
that the air has to push itself through the
duct at start-up. This often results in the
very straining popping effect.
All-in-One is suspended by a single
cable system (type 1) or a single H-rail
system (type 5 and 8).

Regular systems (Classic H-rail) with single
suspension are not round but become flat
when the air is turned off. This is not the
case with All-in-One systems.
All-in-One on an H-rail. Ducts on H-rails are quickly
installed or taken down for washing.
Aluminum sliding rail
All-in-One ensures that the ducts are
always stretched out, even when there is
no air in the system.
With All-in-One, support hoops
are mounted at fixed intervals.
The hoops are removable and are
removed prior to washing.
With air Without air

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