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18 December 2008

ClimaCheck Performance Analyser - for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems

This revolutionary technology can establish the performance of any type of air conditioning or refrigeration system, including Cooling (or Heat Pump) Capacity, Power Input, COP, Compressor Isentropic Efficiency, Superheat, Sub-Cooling, Refrigerant Charge Status and so on, without the need to establish airflow / water flow rates, air / water entering / leaving conditions! Indeed, since ClimaCheck can record the entering and leaving water temperatures at both an evaporator and condenser, the cooling capacity and total heat rejection values can then be used to calculate the water or air flow rates!

ClimaCheck is available as a Portable Performance Analyser or as a Permanently Installed Performance Analyser.


The Portable Performance Analyser can be connected to most systems within 20 – 30 minutes and the results displayed in Tabular Worksheet, Graphical or System Schematic Format. Results can be read at 1sec, 5sec, 30sec or 60sec intervals.


Alternatively, the ClimaCheck Permanently Installed Performance Analyser is a DIN-Rail Mounted Module, including Power Meter and Current Transformer, thus enabling the Plant to be consulted locally via a Notebook PC or a direct Broadband Connection for local / remote communications. In addition, the ClimaCheck system can be supplied with a MODEM, SIM Card and Telephone Account to enable remote communications to be managed on a wireless basis. Finally, ClimaCheck can be programmed to issue specific text warning messages to a mobile phone, including warning of reducing refrigerant charge. Tesco are now using this ClimaCheck format to monitor all new CO2 and CO2/R134a Refrigeration Pack Installations.


ClimaCheck contains thermo-physical data for dozens of refrigerants including blends, air, CO2 and hydrocarbons. We can supply special Templates that allow ClimaCheck work specifically with any AC&R System Circuit including multiple Compressors, Oil Coolers, Capacity Control and so on.


EPBD – Energy Performance in Buildings Directive


This Directive now requires building owners to display an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) validating the efficiency of their building cooling and heating systems. ClimaCheck is the only product capable of quickly analysing and certifying AC&R Performance accurately.


ClimaCheck is also the perfect Commissioning, Service & Maintenance Tool, providing precise and efficient analysis of system performance. ClimaCheck can also transmit SMS Text Messages to Mobile Phones to warn of adverse operating conditions and loss of refrigerant charge!


ClimaCheck has already been purchased by many companies including Tesco (for CO2 Trans-Critical Systems Development), Eaton Williams (1 for Service Dept + 1 for Product R&D), Excalibur (Chiller Energy Analysis), Elyo Services (Service & Maintenance Division), Powrmatic (Heat Pump Development) and so on. Gareth Holden of Excalibur has this to say:


“We have found ClimaCheck invaluable as a tool to optimise the efficiency of refrigeration systems. Unfortunately, several of our customers have also discovered that it is also very effective at highlighting how inadequately their equipment has been maintained!” Gareth Holden - Excalibur LPA Ltd – Andover. 01264 338405.


The product has been evaluated and Certified by the Swedish Institute of Technology and was also a Highly Commended Product at the Industry Cooling Awards under the Field Service Innovation Category.


We have used ClimaCheck for over 3 years now on a number of special projects, including trouble-shooting, arbitration, legal cases, etc., and have also used it for Servicing & Commissioning Visits on DX, VRV and Water Chiller installations up to 1500kW Capacity.


Call or email us for Data Files and the ClimaCheck Price List. Business Edge is the Sole Distributor of the ClimaCheck Performance Analyser throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.


Fri-Oil - Refrigerant Recovery + Recycling + System Flushing


After winning Awards and hundreds of converts on the Continent, a new “total cleaning system” for cooling plant had its UK debut last month. Fri-Oil, is the AC&R System Dyno-Rod!


Compressor burn-outs are not common, fortunately. But when they happen, they can trigger a full-scale emergency for the end user and their refrigeration contractors.


There may be millions of pounds worth of stock at risk of meltdown, or an industrial process which depends on uninterrupted cooling. In the case of air conditioning, it could be a high-tech data system at stake, or a building full of people with fraying nerves and tempers as the temperature rises.


An urgent call-out may not be precipitated by a total plant breakdown. Cooling performance can be gradually impaired as a result of a build up of system contaminants, such as acids, moisture or debris, until the plant is no longer able to deliver, and the shortfall becomes critical - and can no longer be ignored.


In such situations, without standby capacity, prompt action on the part of the contractor is vital. The conventional approach is detailed and time-consuming investigation, followed by a possible rebuild and repair onsite; if the damage is bad, it may require lifting and shifting for complete rebuilding offsite, with expensive temporary cooling moved in. This all takes valuable time and can put the end users business at risk.


Now, however, a new piece of technology has been developed that is claimed to provide a “total cleaning solution” for refrigeration and air conditioning plant. It enables contractors to quickly clean up even very badly contaminated systems, compressors, water chillers and heat pumps, on site, and thus restore system performance.


The Fri3Oil (pronounced FreeOil) system has three functions; Refrigerant Recovery, Refrigerant Recycling (cleaning the refrigerant), and Oil & Contaminant Extraction, on site. It is recommended for use in restoring plant performance, for example after a compressor burn-out, but is also highly effective in system conversions where a change of refrigerant and/or lubricant is required.


It uses the refrigerant charge itself to clean and scour the system, overcoming the need for a separate cleaning agent such as R141b.


The system uses a high specification separation technology to clean and remove contaminants, based on advanced refrigeration engineering and exploiting the miscibility and density characteristics of refrigerant and oil (see Schematic).


The refrigerant recycling function avoids the need for expensive refrigerant incineration or disposal. And its ability to remove acids and moisture and other containments is claimed to be able to dramatically improve the energy performance of previously compromised plant.


The fully automatic system can be used with all fluorinated refrigerants, including CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s.


Fri3Oil was developed by a specialist refrigeration engineering firm established in 1999 with a background in high-tech approaches to system maintenance, cleaning and optimisation, the designer / developer a refrigeration pioneer with almost 40 years experience in the industry.


The system is today being used in more than 15 countries, and its fame is spreading internationally. It has already won several major Design and Technology Awards.


The launch of the system in the UK follows the appointment of Hampshire-based Business Edge Ltd as the exclusive UK distributor for the product. Mike Creamer, Managing Director of Business Edge, said: “It’s a fantastic piece of engineering and has numerous applications in the AC&R field. We recently used the system on-site on an installation in Jersey, with Contractor K2 Refrigeration, to recover and clean 2 badly compromised systems following breakdowns. Fri-Oil did a superb job and got both systems back up and running quickly and efficiently. The entire 6.25 litres of oil and debris was removed from a 45kW Vertical Package Reverse Cycle Heat Pump, in spite of it being fitted with reversing valves, coil distributor capillaries, suction accumulator, non-return valves and so on.”


“It is now a much-valued part of the Business Edge field service and trouble-shooting armoury. I have no doubt it will pay for itself many times over the coming months and years.”


Fri-Oil Features:


·         Enables quick and effective on-site cleaning of systems and complete oil / debris removal following burn-out or breakdown;

·         Extends the life of plant by removing harmful contaminant

·          Improves the performance and operating efficiency of refrigeration plant, reducing running costs

·          Avoids costly refrigerant disposal by incineration

·         Overcomes the need to use a solvent such as R141b to clean systems, by using the

      refrigerant itself as the cleaning medium

·        Shortens the time required to carry out remedial maintenance to return system to full operating performance and efficiency

·        Prevents release of refrigerant to atmosphere

·        Delivers quick pay-back. Depending on the level of usage, this may be as rapid as three months


Please contact Business Edge Ltd:


Tel: 023 92 230 007

Fax: 023 92 230 006


Click here to find out more about: Business Edge Ltd
N.B. The information contained in this entry is provided by the above supplier, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher
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